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Alberto Rodríguez asks the Central Electoral Board to clarify his sentence

Alberto Rodríguez, a former member of Unidos Podemos, convicted of kicking a police officer in 2014, has addressed the Central Electoral Board and asked for explanations about when he will have served his month and a half disqualification sentence. The defense of the ex-parliamentarian asks the body to “issue certification on the dates of execution of the sentence as calculated by this Central Electoral Board” regarding his 45-day disqualification from exercising passive suffrage.

Alberto Rodríguez asks the Supreme Court to suspend the execution of his sentence

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The movement is part of the legal strategy deployed by Rodríguez once he was convicted and after being stripped of his seat in the Congress of Deputies by United We Can. Once the filing of legal actions against the president of the lower house, Meritxell Batet, had been ruled out, Rodríguez’s lawyers have approached both the Supreme Court and the Electoral Board to clarify the scope of his sentence.

In the case of the Supreme Court, the lawyer has asked the criminal court to suspend cautiously the execution of his sentence until his appeals against the consequences of his final sentence are resolved. Now he has also approached the Central Electoral Board to make its calculations on when his sentence will be declared completed once the fine and compensation have been paid.

The Central Electoral Board is currently chaired by the Supreme Court magistrate Miguel Colmenero. The same magistrate of the criminal chamber who signed as a speaker the sentence that convicted Rodríguez, declaring it proven that he attacked a policeman with a kick to the knee in a demonstration in La Laguna in 2014.

The letter from Rodríguez’s lawyers reveals the existence of a report from the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office in which the Public Ministry assures that his disqualification sentence, subject to much debate on its scope, implies “solely and exclusively that during the time of one month and fifteen days that is set in such liquidation, Mr. Rodríguez may not appear for public office. No more, no less. ”

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