Wednesday, February 21

Alberto Rodríguez asks to return to his seat after serving his sentence and Congress alleges that the list must be run

The former deputy of Podemos Alberto Rodríguez has requested this Tuesday in writing to recover his seat in Congress, after last October 22, the highest representative of the Lower House, Meritxel Batet, withdrew it for the sentence imposed by the Supreme Court for beating a policeman in 2014 during a demonstration in La Laguna, Tenerife. A penalty that he has always considered unfair and that he anticipated that it will lead to the European Court of Human Rights. The Presidency of Congress has defended this Wednesday that the fulfillment of the sentence imposed on Rodríguez “does not imply the return of the seat” since “once it is withdrawn, the list runs to the next one.”

The sentence, Rodríguez indicates in his letter, expired on December 5, something that the Supreme Court notified him “20 days late and just before Christmas Eve.” After being notified of its termination, the deputy elected in 2019 requested Batet on December 28 “the immediate reinstatement of his seat”, which has not been occupied since his disqualification, “in order to continue exercising his duties. that were his own after being elected by more than 64,000 canaries and canaries “, indicates Rodríguez.

“Regardless of the discrepancy that we may have on the settlement of the sentence, the truth is and the truth is that both instances, which had something to say and resolve on the unjustly imposed sentence, have determined, on the one hand, what it consisted of. said penalty and its effects and, on the other hand, that it has already been extinguished, “he says.

The path to regain your seat

Rodríguez insists in his letter to Batet that there is no legal or constitutional rule that enables him to deprive him of his post as an elected deputy. “I request that you have for good, without further delay, reinstate me in the same to or exist and any penalty pending compliance. Take into account the late notification of the Supreme Court, which, as attached, has informed me on December 23, that the sentence ends on December 5 of this year, “he adds.

From the surroundings of Meritxell Batet, for their part, they have indicated that the credentials of the deputies are issued by the Central Electoral Board and not by the highest authority of Congress.

Already on October 25, Rodríguez sent another letter to Batet in which he questioned what rule attributed the competence to withdraw his seat. Then, he stressed that the deprivation of his seat as a deputy (representing 64,000 canaries and canaries) could not “be accepted without more” and communicated his intention to exercise all the resources that the law allows him to “reverse such an arbitrary measure.”

The intention of Rodríguez, who a few days after being deprived of his seat returned to his job in a Tenerife refinery as an industrial worker, is to recover that deputy certificate if a resolution is produced that protects him since sources close to him affirm that he considers it almost an obligation with the thousands of canaries who voted for him.

The stage of mourning in Podemos Canarias

Rodríguez’s forced departure from Congress and later his resignation from the party opened a stage of mourning in Podemos Canarias and he never set dates or rush to replace him, partly waiting for Rodríguez’s legal battle to advance. The number two on the list in which she attended in 2019 for the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Fátima González (from IUC), announced her decision not to collect the certificate for personal reasons. Both parties of the coalition, IUC and United We Can, have openly indicated that they are in favor of occupying that seat by the votes of 64,000 people whom they represent.

In recent weeks, Podemos Canarias have indicated that the next person on the list, Patricia Mesa, from this party, had not yet communicated her decision to occupy this seat or not because the Central Electoral Board had not communicated with her. This is the information that they also handled from the IUC. The next on the list, María del Cristo González, had not officially spoken either. The matter came to be discussed in the last Autonomous Citizen Council, held on December 18 electronically, however, there was no movement in this regard.