Sunday, October 1

Alberto Rodríguez ugly to the PSOE his refusal to regain the seat and asks Podemos if this will go “unpunished”

Alberto Rodríguez has spoiled the PSOE this Thursday his refusal to regain the seat after having served the 45 days of disqualification imposed by the Supreme Court. He has done so on his Twitter profile after the spokesman for the Socialists in Congress, Héctor Gómez, on Thursday asked TVE to replace him as a deputy by the next person on the list.

Alberto Rodríguez asks to return to his seat after serving his sentence and Congress alleges that the list must be run

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Gómez considers that the Supreme Court ruling that forced Rodríguez to withdraw his deputy record for having beaten a policeman in a demonstration is “to comply with” and recalled that the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, had already asked the Supreme Court for clarification about the initial sentence and this was “forceful”. “We all know that when a sentence removes the status of deputy, the next one on the list must enter,” he remarked.

Rodríguez, who had not made public statements since his appearance on the Salvados program, has raised a series of questions after Gómez’s statements. “Why does the PSOE spokesman in Congress lie claiming that the act was stolen to comply with a sentence? Where in the 34 pages of the Supreme Court ruling does it put such a thing?”

The former deputy, who this Wednesday requested in writing to Congress that his seat be returned to him since he has already served the sentence imposed by the Supreme Court, also wonders why the PSOE responds to a legitimate request that I make, as part of my defense legal, to the President of the Congress of Deputies, Mrs. Meritxell Batet, who should act as president of the chamber while maintaining due neutrality? And he adds, is it simply a verification that the theft of my status as a democratically elected deputy by more than 64,000 Canaries and Canaries was a political maneuver and not a judicial one?

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Rodríguez also questions the PSOE of the Canary Islands and wonders if perhaps the party, and Héctor Gómez himself in his capacity as Canarian and elected deputy for the same constituency as him, “are they putting the elimination of a political rival in front of the democratic will ahead of them? of many canaries and canaries? “.

Likewise, he is critical of Podemos when asking: “What do your partners in the state and Canary Islands government think about this? Will these statements go unpunished, demonstrating an undisguised attack on the separation of powers and a political maneuver to eliminate an uncomfortable rival for your interests? ”

Rodríguez concludes his Twitter thread by defending that he already said that he was going to fight until his last breath “for justice to be done and to recover the democratic will of a large part of the Canarian people and that I am going to do.” “Whatever it costs me and whoever falls falls.”