Monday, September 26

‘Alcarràs’, ‘Cinco Lobitos’ and ‘As Bestas’ will fight to represent Spain at the Oscars

The Film Academy has chosen the three films that will fight to represent Spain in the next Oscars in the category of Best International Film. As in previous years, the institution has chosen three films among which the academics will choose the one that finally fights for the nomination against the rest of the titles chosen by the other countries. The three chosen films in this first cut are Alcarràs, of Carla Simon; five wolves; of Alauda Ruiz de Azúa and Ace Bestas, by Rodrigo Sorogoyen. Now the three finalists will be voted on again and on September 13 the chosen one will be known.

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The last year the chosen one was The good boss, a controversial decision since many considered that Parallel Mothers, by Pedro Almodóvar, could have won a nomination that Fernando León de Aranoa’s film did not, which did make it through the first cut and be among the 15 finalists. Almodóvar’s film, for its part, managed to be nominated in the categories of Best Actress and Best Soundtrack.

This year there are two directors in the final list. They are the two women who have achieved the films with the best reviews of the year and who have managed to get people to go to theaters to see their works. They have done so risking to release outside the last quarter of the year, a date normally chosen by the titles that want to be in the awards season. People have also connected with both titles, placing them as the two best films so far in 2022.

Alcarràs was released in theaters on April 29, months after making history at the Berlinale, where it won the Golden Bear. Carla Simón thus became the first Spanish director to achieve it. Also, Alcarràs It rose as a small box office phenomenon exceeding two million euros. It is the second highest grossing Spanish film of the year after Father there is only one 3. This story about a family of pickers facing the last harvest is, a priori, the favorite to be chosen.

Few also doubted that he would be in the list five wolves, the debut of Alaúda Ruiz de Azúa and the surprise of the cinematographic course that achieved excellent reviews since its time at the Malaga Festival, where it won the Biznaga de Oro for Best Film and the award for its actresses, Laia Costa and Susi Sánchez. A film about motherhood and care that has become a success thanks to word of mouth.

The third was the one that presented the most doubts. Many titles have campaigned to achieve that third hole that has finally gone to as bestas, the rural thriller with a touch of western by Rodrigo Sorogoyen. A film that was at the Cannes festival, where it was seen in the Cannes Premiere section and will be released on November 11. A film that shows the confrontation between a French couple that alters life in a town in Galicia and that includes Marina Fois, Denis Menochet and Luis Zahera in its cast.