Wednesday, October 5

Aldi investigates the practices of its agricultural suppliers in the Mar Menor environment

The German supermarket chain Aldi has decided to quarantine the agricultural products that they distribute on their surfaces and that come from Campo de Cartagena. The image of the thousands of fish killed by lack of oxygen in the Mar Menor just three months ago has been around the world and the German public service broadcasting company Westdeutscher Rundfunk devoted an extensive report to this serious anoxia crisis in the lagoon salty, the second that in less than two years ends with thousands of dead fish and crustaceans on the shore (the first was in October 2019).

The cause open to elucidate whether 80 of the fruit and vegetable producers that serve the German chain “operate in illegal wells and desalination plants between 2017 and 2021”, has led Aldi to investigate the practices of their suppliers in the surroundings of the Mar Menor. As well as its alleged responsibility “in the discharge of wastewater containing nitrates and phosphates, and the brine from desalination in the adjacent lagoon of the Mar Menor without any pretreatment.”

The arguments provided by its partners in the Campo de Cartagena, have pointed out from the supermarket chain in a letter, “are not very credible in our opinion, especially due to the hydrological situation and conditions in the Region.” And he recalled that the commitment to the environment “is an integral part of Aldi’s corporate policy; that is why we want to thoroughly investigate the allegations in order to derive the necessary steps.”

The Minister of Agriculture of the Region of Murcia, Antonio Luengo, has indicated this Wednesday -according to Cadena Ser- that he has contacted the Spanish ambassador in Germany to inform them of the state of the Mar Menor and to be able to explain not only to Aldi but to all the distribution that the products coming from the Region have all the guarantees “.