Wednesday, December 6

Alert in two Pontevedra municipalities due to the proximity of two fires to the houses

The Xunta has activated the alert due to the proximity of the flames to the houses in two fires declared this Monday in the Pontevedra municipalities of Moaña and Ponteareas. In the first case, the flames threaten homes in the parish of Mera and have caused the closure of the O Morrazo corridor, the CG 4.1 road, kilometers 5 and 6. In the second, the fire affects the parish of Guillade and is near the nucleus of Raimonde, informs the Galician Government.

The lack of prevention, vegetation at its peak and months of drought trigger the risk of fire in Galicia

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The numerous images that circulate on social networks taken from Moaña, from other points on the O Morrazo peninsula and from Vigo, just on the other side of the estuary, show the smoke and flames near the houses in the area. According to data from the Xunta, the fire started around 3:45 p.m. in Meira and three planes, three motorized pumps, six brigades and two agents are working in the area. In the video that accompanies this information you can see one of the seaplanes loading water in the Vigo estuary with the column of smoke in the background.

The mayor of Moaña, Leticia Santos, describes the situation as critical. According to Europa Press, the neighbors are putting out the fire from the ground because she, she assures her, at 5:00 p.m. the media had not arrived. She maintains that there have been no evictions because the inhabitants work in the area.

There is also an active fire in As Neves, also in the province of Pontevedra, which broke out practically at the same time and for which an estimate of the area affected has not yet been given, as in the case of Moaña. Another fire affects the parish of Aro de Negreira (A Coruña) from 2:25 p.m.