Monday, March 4

Alert in Verín (Ourense) for a fire that started with several sources and puts homes at risk

A forest fire that started at 2:52 p.m. in Verín (Ourense) and is advancing without control has forced the alert to be activated due to proximity to homes. Specifically, the Ministry of Rural Affairs has reported that the Ministry of Rural Affairs has requested situation 2 as a preventive measure in the face of this active fire in Verín, in the homonymous parish, given the proximity to the O Polvorín nucleus. Rural Environment has confirmed that this fire started in three sources, so “everything points to a clear intention” and, according to initial estimates, the area affected is just over 2 hectares.

In the profile of the official Twitter account in which the Xunta reports on the fires, it has just reaffirmed that there are “three sources of fire next to the houses in Verín”, with “40ºC of temperature and changes in wind”. “A totally intentional fire, seeking to do the greatest possible damage to people and property,” he notes and encourages reporting if any case is known. For its control, 1 technician, 3 agents, 9 brigades, 4 motorized pumps, 4 planes and 6 helicopters have been mobilized so far.

Concerned neighbors and collaborating in the extinction

In statements to Europa Press, the mayor of Verín, Gerardo Seoane, has ratified the declaration of situation 2, although at the moment he is not aware that evictions have been carried out. Yes, there has been a column of smoke that can be seen from different points of the urban center of the town. Neighbors concerned about the situation have taken to the streets and some cooperate with the means of extinction to try to stop the advance of the flames. One of the central points is the area of ​​San Antón de Ábedes.

The councilor has told Europa Press that the fire is moving north and another of the affected points is Cabreiroá. In addition, access to Augas de Sousas has been cut off and the factory premises have been affected by the fire.

Maceda fire

The start of the fire in Verín with several outbreaks is reminiscent of the one that started last day in Maceda, also in Ourense, and the technicians also take its intention for granted after a first analysis. This fire, which has affected 150 hectares, according to provisional measurements, started in the parish of Castro de Escuadra, although it is already perimeter and the fire is progressing favourably, in principle and except for wind changes, towards its stabilization.