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Alexa celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

Everything ready for celebrations with family or friends during this hispanic heritage month, a date that has been celebrated since 1968 and recognizes the achievements and Latino culture in the United States. During this month, Alexa is part of the recognition of the Hispanic culture through recipes, songs, curious facts and more, which make Hispanics unique.

If you want to know what experiences Alexa has prepared, just say “Alexa, what do you have planned for Hispanic Heritage month?” to find out. Similarly, Alexa will share short biographies of athletes, celebrities, musicians and other Hispanic profiles who have stood out for their achievements in the United States. use the phrase “Alexa, tell me about a Latino pride” either “Alexa, who inspires you?”

You can also find some advice when you need it. These are based on song lyrics as well as quotes from Latino books, movies, and TV shows. You’ll hear what advice Alexa has for you when you say “Alexa, give me a tip”.

Sharing a good laugh through jokes is one of the funniest ways to get closer to people since, in addition to reflecting your personality, you can learn about each person’s culture. That’s why Alexa has a selection of jokes from various countries that you can tell your friends, just say “Alexa, tell me a latin joke”.

To continue having an amazing time, put your Spanish and that of your friends to the test with the espanometer, a fun experience that you can activate just by saying “Alexa, open the Spanish meter.” Continue with the trivia and through your Echo device or Fire TV use the phrase “Alexa, open guess the rhythm”, this will open a test to find out how much they know about Latin music.

Latin food is as diverse as the countries from which it originated. Whether it’s Colombian arepas, Mexican rice pudding or Honduran pupusas, with the help of Alexa you can cook recipes that will make you remember those family Sundays or even try dishes you’ve always dreamed of recreating. just say “Alexa, rice milk recipes”, “Alexa, I want to see homemade pupusas recipes” either “Alexa, show me Colombian arepas recipes”. And now yes, let’s cook!

In the Hispanic Heritage month celebrations, music cannot be missing and Alexa has a surprise for you. saying “Alexa, sing Latin Power”you’ll hear Alexa’s original medley of songs from various Latin genres, or test her talents in other genres by saying “Alexa, sing reggaeton”. If ranchero is your thing, put on your hat and enjoy Alexa in mariachi mode. just say “Alexa, mariachi mode”.

With Alexa you can also enjoy her soap opera mode, use the phrase “Alexa, soap opera mode” and end your day of festivities and celebrations at home with more fun, authentically Latin. Remember that you can use Alexa’s multilingual mode to use Spanish or English without having to change the language, when you interact with Alexa, just by selecting Spanish/United States English in the settings of your device and now, users with the Alexa app Alexa on Android devices can enjoy this mode. They just have to update the app to the latest version and ask Alexa to speak in two languages, so the interaction with Alexa becomes more fluid.

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