Monday, February 26

Alexa is down: Amazon’s voice assistant isn’t working

It’s not just you, at all. Alexa, Amazon’s ubiquitous voice assistant, It is down. It does not seem that the fall is only in Spain, that too, but that users from different parts of the world are reporting the fall. From Amazon Help, the official Amazon support account, have confirmed the problems and say the following (in Italian):

“Yes, I can confirm that our technical department is already working to solve the problem! Thank you very much for reporting, see you soon! -Mateo”

The reason for the fall has not been disclosed., but it seems to be linked to some glitches at Amazon. In DownDetector, the incident peak related to Alexa is directly related to a spike in Amazon incidents.

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The Xataka team has been able to verify that Alexa does not work correctly on Amazon Echo devices or on the Alexa app itself. It’s probably a one-off service outage. and can be expected to be fully operational again within minutes.