Sunday, May 28

Alexia Putellas signs for Iberdrola as ambassador for equality in sport

Alexia Putellas, the recently recognized with the Ballon d’Or and with The Best of FIFA, you already saw the green of Iberdrola that attests to her commitment as an ambassador for equality in sport. The player adds to her extensive record in the Barça team and in the Spanish soccer team a distinction that comes to make visible the important role that women also play in sports.

The Barça captain says she feels “very happy to be part of Iberdrola’s drive towards equality” and believes that “the level of Spanish women’s football has grown a lot in recent years & rdquor ;, which “dStrength to all to continue improving, and that there are companies like Iberdrola that are making it possible, it is very positive for everyone & rdquor ;.

With the addition of Putellas, Iberdrola adds a new reference to its ambassador team, a program that aims empower women, recognize their role in society and raise awareness in the world of how necessary it is that we all build a society with equal opportunities.

25 high-level female athletes

The company already has 25 high-level female athletes, along with those that continue to pave the way for women’s sport to finally obtain the recognition it deserves.

Together with Putellas, they appear in the team of Sports Ambassadors as Carolina Marin, Sandra Sanchez, Maria Vicente, Ona Carbonell, and Amanda Sampedro, among many other elite women in the sport.

Support of athletes

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Iberdrola is the first company to make a global commitment to promoting the participation of women in sports and, for more than 6 years, has provided essential support for Spanish female athletes, a commitment that has been consolidated and expanded by half so does the number of Federations with which it collaborates – 16 currently, through its alliance with the Women’s Universe program of the Higher Sports Council – which has seen its number of federated women increase by 42%.

In addition, the electric company names 23 national leagues of different disciplines reaching more than 300,000 athletes, among which the Primera Iberdrola stands out for having spearheaded this visibility objective, thus consolidating the company’s role as a promoter of women’s sports.