Tuesday, October 19

Alfonso Guerra: “There are those who boo a president and applaud a goat, each one chooses who best represents him”

The former Vice President of the Government Alfonso Guerra declared this Wednesday, in relation to the boos to the Chief Executive, Pedro Sánchez, during the October 12 parade, that there are “some people who boo a Prime Minister who applaud a goat. Each one chooses who best represents him. ”

This is how the former socialist leader – who has participated in a tribute to the former president of the Alicante Provincial Council Antonio Fernández Valenzuela – has spoken in Alicante in statements to journalists when asked about the boos and shouts of “resignation” received by Pedro Sánchez, start and end of the parade that takes place on October 12 in Madrid on the occasion of the National Holiday.

According to Guerra, you have to put “things in their place.” And he added: “Some people boo a Prime Minister as they applaud a goat, each one decides who represents him best.”


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