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Alfonso Rueda chooses a Jacobean metaphor for his unrivaled campaign for the leadership of the Galician PP: “O Camino a following”

Alfonso Rueda has depended for a year and a half on everything related to the Holy Year and Jacobean paraphernalia in the Xunta de Galicia. Currently vice president, his passage to the presidency is imminent, since Alberto Núñez Feijóo consumes his march to Madrid politics, announced at the beginning of March. Rueda, who does not miss an opportunity to be photographed in Xacobeo 21-22 corporate clothing, has chosen another metaphor related to the apostle Santiago as the motto of his unrivaled campaign for the presidency of the Galician PP: “Galicia, or Path to follow [El Camino a seguir]”.

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That Alfonso Rueda was Feijóo’s own favorite for his succession was not in dispute. The yes of Baltar, a baron from Ourense and president of the Provincial Council -the most important institution that governs the Galician PP after the Xunta-, after days of secret negotiations, paved the way for him. Diego Calvo, deputy and president of the popular in A Coruña, also ended up joining the operation. As Elena Candia, from Lugo, had done. Despite the apparent consensus, the still vice president insists again and again, without anyone asking him, on the unity of the party. Today he has done it again in the statement in which he has presented his slogan. “We are leading an exemplary succession, of unity and responsibility among all”, he affirms, “we are together and together we will make a smooth transition”.

Alfonso Rueda has lived since 2006 in the shadow of Núñez Feijóo. His management, first as a councilor and, since 2012, does not stand out for major milestones. And in his imminent new tasks he seems to bet on continuity. “Galicia, or Camiño to follow”, he explains, “sums up a general idea that sometimes we don’t value enough. The extraordinary normality that we have in our land”. “We are a reference for all of Spain and we have to continue to be, because what is normal here is extraordinary outside of Galicia,” he adds.

The objective indicators indicate that the situation has rather worsened in the community after 13 consecutive years -four absolute majorities- of PP executives do not sympathize with that rhetoric. The opposition of BNG and the Socialist Party still reminded him this Monday. What is certain is that, as Rueda points out in his note, the Xunta has approved its budgets “in a timely manner” over these 13 years.

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