Monday, December 6

Algeria accuses Morocco of killing three of its citizens in an attack in the Sahara

The Algerian presidency denounced this Wednesday that three citizens of their country have been “cowardly murdered” in a “barbarous bombardment” against a convoy of trucks on the route that connects the Algerian city of Uargla and the capital of Mauritania, Nouakchott.

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In a official statement released this Wednesday after hours of rumors about the incident, the Algerian presidency has blamed the Moroccan forces, which have occupied the former Spanish colony of Western Sahara since 1975, for “having committed this cowardly murder with sophisticated weapons.”

“On November 1, 2021, as the Algerian people celebrate with joy and serenity the 67th anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious National Liberation Revolution, three Algerian citizens were cowardly murdered by a barbaric bombardment of their trucks on the Nouakchott-Uargla junction, a natural trade route between the peoples of the region, “he says.

The communiqué indicates that the authorities have “immediately” taken the necessary measures to investigate this “despicable act in order to elucidate the circumstances surrounding it.”

“Several factors point to the fact that the Moroccan occupation forces in Western Sahara committed such a cowardly assassination with sophisticated weapons through this new manifestation of brutal aggressiveness characteristic of a well-known policy of territorial expansion and terror,” he points out. “His murder will not go unpunished,” he adds.

Morocco has neither confirmed nor denied the incident.

The situation is of high tension in the former Spanish colony since a year ago the Moroccan Army entered the demilitarized area of ​​Guerguerat to dismantle a sit-in by Sahrawi civilians protesting against the commercial use that Morocco and Mauritania make of this passage.

A day later, the Polisario Front announced that it considered broken the ceasefire signed in 1991 with the mediation of the UN and the initiation of harassment actions along the wall built by Morocco, considered the longest in the world.

The tension multiplied at the end of August, when Algeria, the main supporter of the Polisario Front, announced the severance of relations with Morocco.