Tuesday, September 28

Algeria breaks diplomatic relations with Morocco for its “hostile actions”

Madrid / Algiers



The Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ramtane lamamra, announced on Tuesday that his country was breaking relations with Morocco, as a result of the “hostile actions” of its neighbor.

«Algeria decided to break diplomatic relations with the kingdom of Morocco as of today »Tuesday, declared the minister in a press conference, according to France Press (Afp).

Morocco and Algeria have had a tense relationship for decades, mainly because of the question of
Sahara Occidental
, and the frontera between the two countries it has been closed since 1994.

“The kingdom of Morocco has never ceased its hostile actions against Algeria,” Lamamra said.

Algiers called its ambassador for consultations in July after the Moroccan ambassador to the UN endorsed the self-determination of the Kabyle people in Algeria. He also did not like that Israel’s foreign minister, Yair Lapid, questioned from Morocco the role that Algeria plays in the region.

The Algerian Government also reproaches Morocco for its alleged support for organizations considered terrorists, as well as spying with software Pegasus, of which Algeria would have been the victim, as Lamamra recalled, who has reviewed the different grievances on behalf of Tebune, according to the news portal ‘Tout sur l’Algerie’.

King Mohamed VI of Morocco, however, at the beginning of the month sent a message of detente to the neighboring country to relax the historical tension and reopen borders that have been closed for a quarter of a century “for totally outdated reasons and that today no longer exist. they have justification ”, reports Ep.

The severance of diplomatic relations has become effective this Tuesday, but those consulted in each country will remain open, Lamamra said.

Fires by alleged terrorist groups

Algeria said last week that the deadly fires were the work of groups it called terrorists, one of which is said to be backed by Morocco, Reuters reports.

Lamamra mentioned what he called Moroccan support for one of those groups, which seeks autonomy in the region of Kabylia, and assured that Rabat has spied on Algerian officials and did not comply with its bilateral obligations, including those relating to the Sahara.

Algeria supports the Polisario Front, which seeks the independence of Western Sahara, which Morocco considers part of its own territory.

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