Tuesday, July 5

Algeria claims to maintain its commitment to the EU because its disagreement is with Spain

The Algerian Foreign Ministry has indicated this Saturday that the decision to suspend the Treaty of Friendship with Spain is due to “political disagreement” with Madrid and has disassociated it from its commercial commitments with the European Union.

“Algeria also rejects, as fanciful and malicious, the insinuations and questions related to the issue of Spain’s gas supply,” declared the head of Foreign Affairs, Ramtane Lamamra, before the accusation by the EU of a violation of the agreements community.

“The alleged suspension of trade and investment relations with Spain, contained in said official declarations of the European Union, is invoked hastily without any foundation, and the authorities of the European Community do not have in this case any legal basis to establish their competence in the matter”, stated Foreign Affairs.

The North African country, in the midst of a diplomatic crisis due to Spain’s turn on Western Sahara, has stressed that the EU’s statements are “hasty and unfounded” and has defended the suspension of the Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighborhood as a “precautionary measure” and Cooperation with Spain that he announced on Wednesday.

“The haste and bias of these (EU) statements highlight the inadequacy of their content, being a political disagreement with a European country (Spain) of a bilateral nature without impact on Algeria’s commitment to the European Union”, he alleged. on the suspension of the treaty and the freezing of direct debits that will affect commercial relations.

“(…) It responds to legitimate considerations, which refer essentially to the fact that the partner has released itself from the essential obligations and values ​​enshrined in this Treaty, thus assuming the responsibility of emptying this legal instrument (the Treaty) of its substance,” he added.

Algeria considers that it has been an “unfortunate intrusion” by Spain “to the detriment of the preservation of the well-understood interests of the European Union, within which Algeria has the honor of having many reliable and responsible friends and partners.”

Algeria has stressed that it has always fulfilled “its commitments within the framework of its Association Agreement with the European Union to legitimately promote all relevant aspects of this framework, in transparency, despite the asymmetric nature of the trade structure of the two parties. ”, he declares.

Algeria suspended the Treaty of Friendship and direct debits for foreign trade on Wednesday due to Spain’s support for the Moroccan proposal for autonomy over Western Sahara, although it assured that it will guarantee the supply of gas to Spain and that the economic measure does not imply a termination of business relations.


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