Friday, March 31

Algeria considers Spain’s position a “second historical betrayal” of the Saharawi people

Algeria considers the Spanish government’s decision to support Morocco’s autonomy plan as a solution to the Western Sahara conflict Madrid’s “second historical betrayal” of the Saharawi people, according to diplomatic sources cited by the Algerian news portal TSA and collected by Europe Press.

Sánchez gives a swerve to Spain’s position with the Sahara and opens a new gap with United We Can

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“Finally, Morocco has obtained what it wanted from Spain”, said these diplomatic sources. It is referred to as the second “betrayal” because the first would be the agreement signed on November 14, 1975 by which Spain ceded the former colony to Morocco and Mauritania, without taking into account the will of the Saharawi population.

On behalf of the Spanish Government, this Saturday the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, has defended that Spain’s position will allow it to have a “good” and “stable” relationship with Morocco, with the commitment to “collaborate against the mafias of human trafficking and against illegal immigration.

This position in foreign policy regarding the former Spanish colony represents a profound change in the historical position of our country, which until now defended “a political, fair, lasting and mutually agreed solution within the framework of the United Nations”, but also with respect to the one collected in the last electoral program of the PSOE. In addition, it in turn opens a new point of dispute with its partners from United We Can and threatens to cloud the relationship with Algeria at a critical moment due to the energy crisis.