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Alibaba sued over 3D printer that caught fire and killed a man | Digital Trends Spanish

A tragedy in the city of San Francisco ended with a demand for Chinese trade Alibabafor the sale of a defective 3D printer that caught fire and caused the death of a young man.

In your demand, The parents of the late Calvin Yu are suing Alibaba and Tronxy, the Chinese company that made the 3D printer, for putting the faulty products up for sale and failing to warn consumers about the dangers they posed.

According to the lawsuit, Yu bought the 3D printer from AliExpress, Alibaba’s consumer-facing outlet, in November 2019, and used it regularly for six months before it overheated and caused a fire in the electricity feeder to the outlet. the printer was connected.

An investigation by the San Francisco Fire Department concluded that the fire was caused by the printer, and that Yu “died as a result of complications due to thermal injuries caused by the faulty printer.” according to The Register.

This could set a precedent for Alibaba, as Amazon has indeed had to pay customers for faulty products.

Even Amazon had to set a company policy last year that it would pay customers up to $1,000 for defective products, even if they were sold by third parties.

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