Sunday, October 17

All commercial flights that were to land this Friday on La Palma and La Gomera canceled due to the ash cloud

All commercial flights that were scheduled to arrive at La Palma Airport this Friday have been canceled due to the ash cloud from the volcano erupting since last Sunday.

The Government of Spain will declare La Palma as a “catastrophic zone” next Tuesday

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The airline Binter reported this Friday that the latest evolution of the ash cloud has forced “the temporary cancellation of flights to the island from now on.” The Canaryfly company has also paralyzed operations with the island, as confirmed by Aena sources to this newspaper. This Friday, an Iberia flight from Madrid was also canceled, leaving at 6:10 p.m. (Peninsular time), which was due to arrive on the island tonight. The decision on the suspension of flights, explains Aena, depends for now on each company while the authorities have not decided to close the Canarian airspace.

However, non-commercial flights can land, according to Aena. This Saturday, 47 commercial operations were planned, including an international flight, but it is to be expected that they will also be affected.

Binter, as explained in a statement, has been forced to make this decision due to “force majeure, since in the last hours the situation of suspended ash has worsened considerably.” The paralysis of the operation will continue until conditions improve and allow flying ensuring safety, he indicated. “At this time it is not possible to make a forecast of when flights to La Palma will be able to resume,” he added.

In addition, Binter has also confirmed that it is canceling operations with La Gomera Airport.

On the other hand, the company is responding through the usual channels to requests for changes or refunds that may be received from affected passengers on these flights.

The airline is following the evolution of the situation at all times in contact with the aeronautical authorities, waiting to have confirmation that all security conditions are met to resume normal operations, he explains.

“Due to the exceptional and unprecedented situation that is being lived, Binter will inform of any novelty or change that could occur, through its usual channels,” he concludes.

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