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All for Football: match and player data through AI | Digital Trends Spanish

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. For the same reason, there is a great deal of information about soccer players and the matches that are played in all the stadiums on the planet.

In this data overloaded scenario, technology can always help. This is how the team behind all for footballa platform dedicated to collecting and analyzing data and information from different events related to this sport.

Then, the application processes the information, catalogs it and generates content from the results obtained from the events. Although this technology began to be applied five years ago, the platform had a significant boost during the coronavirus pandemic and today it is available in more than 25 countries and seven languages.

An outstanding aspect of this tool is that it does not focus only on the most important players of the moment or the biggest teams, since it uses its technology to cover a wide number of leagues and athletes.

“Most of the platforms are in charge of registering and publishing information on elite players like Messi or Neymar, who are the most sought after but who represent less than 1 percent of the soccer players in the world,” says Mauro Cauda, ​​one of the platform creators.

“The technology behind Todo por el Fútbol treats all players equally, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect data from each event in different media and social networks, analyze it, then pass it through a validation process, transforms it into information , learns and automatically generates content”.

According to the team behind the platform, its database is one of the largest in existence today. The good news for lovers of this sport is that much of this information is available for free on that website.

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