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All Free MultiVersus Characters Right Now | Digital Trends Spanish

Taking a page from other free games with great lists, such as League of Legends, Multi Versus offers players multiple ways to experiment with new characters. Without playing to earn enough gold to fully unlock a character, you can always play the full roster in training or local modes. That’s not going to be the way most people want to play, though, and with more and more characters planned to come to this crossover brawler, even the most dedicated gamers will struggle to earn enough money to unlock them all.

That’s where free character rotation becomes so valuable. Multi Versus it rotates which characters on its roster are free to everyone every two months, or every two weeks, with the current offering being four free characters at a time. These are the characters you can play with, for free, right now.

Who are the free MultiVersus characters right now?

From October 17 to 31, these are the free characters available in Multi Versus and the class of each is:

  • Wonder Woman—Tank
  • Velma — Support
  • Iron Giant — Tank
  • Tom and Jerry — Wizard

Please note that playing and leveling up as these characters while they are free will carry over if you purchase them later or if they return to the rotation later. You will keep any mastery levels and rewards you unlock with that character. If you get attached to a character during this two-week window, you’ll have to spend some gold or Gleamium to permanently unlock them.

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