Saturday, May 28

All of Germany’s multiple stabbing victims are women



The German Police have confirmed this Saturday that the three deaths of the knife attack perpetrated the day before in the Bavarian city of Würzburg they were women and they were in the store where the lethal assault began, which has left another seven wounded, including five serious and two of them critical.

The first deceased she was a store clerk where the suspect, now in custody, entered to ask for a knife that, he said, he wanted to buy. With the blade in his hands, he proceeded to stab the woman, who ended up succumbing to his injuries.

The suspect proceeded to kill two other women in the store before continuing with his attacks on a bank and, finally, in the middle of the street, until the citizens cornered him in an alley, where he was finally reduced by the agents, explained the Chief of Police, Gerhard Kallert.

Lawyers for the suspect, wounded in the leg by a police shot during his arrest, have confirmed that he has already been charged with three counts of murder and six for attempted murder. There are five seriously injured who continue to be cared for in different hospitals; two of which remain in critical condition. Two other people with minor injuries have been discharged.

The 24-year-old Somali suspect had received psychiatric treatment, was undergoing psychiatric treatment and was admitted a few days before the attack. He also had a record for violent crimes, as Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann announced on Friday evening.

German Police still is trying to determine if there are signs of a terrorist attack since the young man shouted “Allah is great” during the attack, but at the moment there is no official conclusion.

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