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All the controversies of John McAfee: guns, drugs and taxes | Digital Trends Spanish

Controversial, rebellious and permanently involved in controversy … as if he wanted to look for it. This was the life of the British-American programmer John McAfee, creator of the antivirus that bears his name and who on June 23, 2021 was found dead in a prison in Spain, where he was held for the last eight months accused of tax evasion in the United States United.

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McAfee spent much of his youth in major US organizations and companies, including the NASA space agency, the Xerox computer company, and the aerospace company Lockheed Corporation. In this company he began to develop what would be one of the most popular antivirus in the world, McAfee, one of the first to be distributed under the model of shareware, which allowed to use it for free but with limited functions.

The McAfee controversies


McAfee resigned from the company’s management in 1994, and two years later he dumped his entire stake. Although he remained linked to the world of computing from other companies, success did not accompany him. After reaching $ 100 million, in 2009 his fortune was estimated to have plummeted to $ 4 million. More than technological initiatives, he made headlines for controversies involving tax evasion, drugs and weapons.

2012. Detention in Belize

In May 2012, his property in Belize was raided by a special unit of the local police, after McAfee himself revealed in an interview with NBC that he was investigating the use of medicinal plants. He was arrested for illegal drug manufacture and possession of a weapon.

Although he was released because the detention was considered illegal, six months later he was accused of being the main suspect in the death of the American Gregory Viant Faull. He fled clandestinely to Guatemala, a country that denied him asylum. However, he was able to return to the United States.

2015 and 2019. The unsuccessful presidential candidacies

McAfee was a libertarian who defended the decriminalization of cannabis, non-interventionism in foreign policy and greater cyber awareness, among other premises. In 2015, he tried to run for president of the United States on behalf of the Libertarian Party, but was defeated in the primaries. Four years later he tried again, with the idea of ​​promoting the use of cryptocurrencies, but was not nominated either.

2016. McAffe and decrypting an iPhone

In February 2016, McAfee again attracted media attention by offering to decrypt an iPhone 5c, which had been used by attackers in the San Bernardino, California, massacre that left 14 dead and 21 injured.

McAfee’s offer arose from differences between the FBI and Apple, which refused to do so due to the possible risks that creating a back door on iPhones would have for its users. After volunteering, McAfee admitted that he had done it just to attract attention.

2019. Weapons in the Dominican Republic

In 2019, he was arrested with a group of friends when one of his yachts was docked in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, on suspicion of carrying high-caliber weapons and ammunition. After being held for four days, he was released without charge.

2020. A thong as a mask against COVID-19

john mcafee thong

In August 2020, McAfee claimed through social media that he had been arrested in Norway for wearing a thong for protection against COVID-19 and refusing to wear a mask. He even published photographs with bruises caused by the arrest. However, the deception was exposed because the images were actually taken in Germany and the German police confirmed that he had been denied entry.

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