Tuesday, September 21

All the police officers of the Merida narcotics group arrested in an anti-drug operation

Several National Police and Civil Guard agents have been arrested in an operation against marijuana trafficking in the province of Badajoz. As reported by both bodies in a note, the agents have arrested a total of 22 people and have dismantled several plantations. Among those arrested are five police officers from the drug group and a Civil Guard agent allegedly related to marijuana trafficking.

VIDEO | More than 200 civil guards detain 26 people in a macro-operation against drug trafficking between Toledo and Madrid

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The investigators assure that it was “a complex criminal network settled in the province of Badajoz made up of several organizations that interacted with each other” dedicated to cultivating, processing, manipulating and distributing marijuana throughout the province. There are 22 arrested and, in addition, four plantations with more than 3,000 plants have been dismantled along with cars and “a large number of tools” to manage these plantations.

The case remains under summary secrecy and, according to the Police and the Civil Guard, “the involvement of more people is not ruled out.” Among those arrested there are up to five National Police officers and one from the Civil Guard, which represents the entire group of narcotics from the first body. His possible relationship with the traffickers is being investigated.

This is the second police macrooperation against marijuana trafficking announced in just 24 hours. Yesterday the Civil Guard spread the operation ‘Manube’ in which more than 200 agents made up to 21 entries and registrations in Toledo and Madrid. There were 26 arrests with charges of crimes against public health and belonging to a criminal group, also related to the massive cultivation of marijuana.


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