Monday, December 6

Allan dos Santos says he will accept Bitcoin as payment for exclusive content | Bitcoin Portal

Apparently, blogger Allan dos Santos is going to dive into the world of bitcoin. In a message on Twitter and Telegram on Wednesday night (4th), he stated that his site would soon accept payment in cryptocurrencies.

On Allan’s website, three packages are offered: the annual for $100 and two monthly, one for $20 and the other for $10. There is still no bitcoin option.

On October 28, he had already communicated to followers that he was learning about bitcoin and shared the address of a wallet with the Telegram group and said he was starting to study the topic.

In eight days, according to portfolio data, he received $1,046 (0.01700194 BTC) in more than forty donations. At the moment, the address is zeroed, which means that he has moved the satoshis received either to make payments or to other wallets whose owner cannot verify.

Allan dos Santos investigated

Allan dos Santos was arrested by the Supreme Court and is considered a fugitive from justice. He is the creator of the Free Tuesday YouTube channel, being one of President Jair Bolsonaro’s closest allies.

The blogger is investigated in two inquiries by the Supreme Court and had a preventive detention decreed by Minister Alexandre de Moraes on October 21st.

After starting to be the target of inquiries, Allan went to the United States in July. When determining the arrest, the STF has already asked the US to extradite the youtuber.

The investigations against Allan dos Santos investigate the spread of lies on the internet (“fake news”) and the financing of undemocratic acts. He denies participation in either case.

Dispute against Google

In addition to the investigations, Allan dos Santos also faces problems on social media. By court orders, her Instagram profile was taken down, her YouTube channel was removed and two Twitter accounts were also suspended.

But it is not just in the judiciary that Allan has encountered opponents. Google filed a lawsuit against the blogger for bad faith litigation.

According to a newspaper report Folha de São Paulo, the company filed the lawsuit after Allan’s lawyers alleged that Google failed to comply with the decision of the SP Justice when it took the Tuesday Free YouTube channel off the air.

The company claims that the blogger knew that the withdrawal order had come from the STF and omitted it from public opinion when reporting the fact, making it appear that it would have been a decision by Google.