Saturday, September 18

Almeida accuses the left of using Malasaña’s homophobic aggression to “dirty the name of Madrid”

The national spokesman of the PP and mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has accused the leftist formations on Wednesday of using the homophobic aggression of last Sunday in Malasaña to “dirty” the name of the capital.

They call a protest demonstration in Madrid against the brutal homophobic aggression of Malasaña

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“The left wants to dirty the name of Madrid for political purposes. When Samuel’s murder occurs, the demonstration is in Madrid against Isabel Díaz-Ayuso. When it occurs in Huelva, Rita Maestre blames the mayor of Madrid. It is constant the signal to Madrid. And no one doubts the entity and seriousness of the events, “said the councilor in an interview on ‘Telemadrid’ in which he has once again condemned what happened” emphatically “.

Then Martínez-Almeida has cited the data of the Ministry of the Interior to ensure that the number of homophobic attacks in the capital was 40 in 2019, while in Barcelona, ​​in the same year, there were 79, and that “in 2020, Barcelona clearly surpasses Madrid “in this type of” regrettable “crime.

Thus, the mayor has asked the left to “make a constructive opposition, a debate worthy of what the people of Madrid deserve”, which, he asserted, “are tired of being singled out as macho, homophobic or drunken tourism “.

At this point, it has affected that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, did not preside over a special commission for hate crimes. “I did not see that it was pointed out, nor that it was said that there was homophobia, as they say now in Madrid,” he stressed. “On May 30 in Barcelona there was an attack where his teeth were broken due to his sexual orientation, and the same dust has not been raised by what has happened here in Madrid, where there is no room for a single homophobic attack,” he concluded.

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