Thursday, December 1

Almeida and structural dirt

The city of Madrid urgently needs a local government that cares about the affairs of this city, that converts the administration closest to the citizens into an efficient tool that helps the residents of the capital of Spain. In our municipality there are many people, many more than the average reader can imagine, who need institutional solidarity. Without public services, this municipality would collapse.

It is not a catastrophic prophecy, it is an implacable consequence of the lowering of our level of fraternity. What do we do with those who need help? Do we leave them to their fate? “They are like this because they deserve it, because they have not tried hard enough,” they will say from the most conservative ranks. And it will be said by people who, paradoxically, owe nothing to their personal effort.

Did you know, for example, that there are 3,000 people with names and surnames, mothers, children, the elderly, families and individuals who have been without electricity for years in your same city? If that doesn’t matter to you, stop reading my article, don’t waste your time anymore; but if you are really concerned about what is happening around you, in that close environment, please continue to do so. What I ask is that we realize what this PP government is doing. Then do what you think is best for you and for everyone. For you and for everyone.

I would like to focus today on an issue that I consider essential for the health of our people. This is a problem that goes back a long way (this legislature has already started with it), a problem that has shown not only the failure to manage a government team, but also its total disregard for one of the most basic services of any locality: the garbage collection system.

From politics, throwing stones against the roof of the common is due, without margin of error, to the economic strategies of those who see the public as something from which to benefit on an individual level. Madrid is suffering from an insufficient service, scandalously insufficient, when it comes to removing residents’ daily waste from public roads. We pay 700 million euros a year to the cleaning companies awarded. Its alot? Is it little? Judge for yourself walking through your neighborhood, although in Almeida’s Madrid the same investment is not made in all districts… This government team spends 115 euros per neighbor per year on cleaning in Chamberí. In Puente de Vallecas, 74 euros. 41 euro difference. Another piece of information: we have 5,400 fewer cleaning workers than in 2013. But how is this city going to be clean? Trying to refute the statement I just made would be an obscene exercise in demagoguery.

Does anyone disagree with me on this? Nope? Well, we continue. The mayor has had almost four years to solve this very serious problem and he has not done it. Why? Two alternatives: first, Martínez Almeida has not been able to redirect a privatization model that is returning us, little by little, to a model of structural dirt that we had overcome; Second, Martínez Almeida has not even bothered to address this issue, since he has been devoted in body and soul to preaching an absolutely unfair PP at the national and regional level.

The companies awarded the garbage collection service are not fulfilling their sanitary duty. Yes, I said sanitary, because removing the garbage is not an aesthetic exercise. And they don’t do it because no one is forcing them to do it. The municipal specifications are fulfilled. If it is not done, it is sanctioned. Ah, that the companies say that the specifications do not oblige them to collect all the garbage that, day after day, occupies more space in our streets! Wouldn’t it be logical then to politically sanction the party in power that developed them?

That decision is in your hands. Descartes wrote: “I would give everything I know for half of what I don’t know.” I would give everything I am to prevent this PP from continuing to govern like this”. And you?

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