Tuesday, August 9

Almeida attributes the good employment data in Madrid and asks Sánchez for “a swerve in his economic policies”

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has once again attributed this Thursday the good employment data that have been registered again in Madrid, assuring that it is demonstrated that thanks to the measures applied by his party, the PP, “Madrid it is the locomotive of Spain”. The deputy mayor, Begoña Villacís, for her part, has not hesitated to attribute these good figures to “the liberal policies” applied by Ciudadanos.

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“In Madrid we are particularly pleased to continue to be the economic engine of Spain, to continue to be the locomotive of Spain and to contribute decisively to the fact that the EPA data has been what it is”, said Almeida, although he immediately added that “that does not mean that I forget the 183,400 people from Madrid who are still unemployed in this city and who have to be a total and absolute priority for this Government because there are 183,400 dramas that we still have in Madrid”.

The Madrid councilor has not considered that the labor reform undertaken by the Ministry of Labor led by Yolanda Díaz – which the PP harshly criticized and voted against – has anything to do with these good figures and has asked Pedro Sánchez to “give a swerve” to his economic measures, warning him that he should not leave the policies for the recovery of Spain in the hands of Podemos because his recipes “do not lead us anywhere.”

Almeida decided to appear this Thursday at the press conference after the last Governing Board before the summer vacation parenthesis accompanied by the deputy mayor, Begoña Villacís, and the municipal spokesperson, Inmaculada Sanz. Both municipal councilors have made a triumphant assessment of the management of the coalition government, although each of its areas, to highlight the progress that, in the opinion of both, has been in Madrid since 2019. Villacís has taken the opportunity to slip that if the management has been so positive is that it has been shown that “having a broad-spectrum coalition government works and is necessary”.

The Madrid alderman, despite everything, has been pleased that in Spain employment is created at the national level: “Each job is always a positive reason and to rejoice”, he has sentenced, but in the next line he has indicated that “now it would be better not to fall in triumphalism, nor ring the bells on the fly” because “all the forecasts, all the perspectives and all the independent institutions point to the fact that Spain is going to experience a recession and that this recession is going to be particularly hard in our country”. In fact, he has recalled that the forecast growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has already been lowered, so in his opinion “policies must be made that really allow the economic recovery of Spain”.

“If at this moment the economic policies of the Government of Spain are the economic policies of Podemos, allow me to tell you that I see that it is going to be a very difficult, very long and very complicated recovery,” he stressed.

The mayor has elaborated on emphasizing that the City Council and its Government “is fulfilling the commitments” that they acquired with the people of Madrid. “We continue to work hard for the city of Madrid in the nine months that remain until the elections”, he said, recalling that they still have “numerous challenges ahead”, such as the creation of the 22nd district or the construction of new infrastructure in the capital .

His last message has tried to be more conciliatory by pointing out: “It is going to be a very hard autumn from the economic and social point of view, but by working together, all putting our shoulders together, we are going to be able to face the economic and social challenges that They are going to demand the best of ourselves again.”


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