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Almeida hires a company to shoot the parrots in Madrid

A sign on the door of the Fuente del Berro park in Madrid announced the temporary closure of the enclosure to “carry out invasive species control work.” The Madrid City Council already announced in October 2019 that it would reduce the population of the parrots that fill the parks of the capital because it exerts “a very negative effect on diversity.” He would do so, he reported at the time, in an ethical manner. The reality is different. The company Matinsa y Dypsa, winner of the tender published by the Almeida City Council, is getting rid of them by shooting.

Madrid invests three million in slaughtering parrots without coordination with neighboring municipalities that also have

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In a video recorded and broadcast by a neighbor in the Salamanca neighborhood and shared by the animal rights party PACMA, it is seen how two men, one of them with a compressed air rifle on his shoulder, walk through the park leaving behind the corpses of several of these birds. “Look at the corpses of the parrots, they are shooting at them,” shouts the neighbor as she follows these people, who cover their faces and move away from the area.

The Consistory directed by Martínez Almeida justifies the work of the company: “This is an action included in the plan for exceptional situations and that adheres to the authorization of the Community of Madrid to reduce these invasive exotic birds. The signed contract establishes the use of compressed air rifle in specific circumstances and limited enclosures “, maintains the City Council. Most of the interventions have already taken place and will continue to be carried out using net cannons and the book net technique.

The measure, announced by Almeida in October 2019 and initially endowed with € 100,000, finally has a budget of three million euros that seek to sacrifice 11,700 specimens of a species that fills the capital: only in Madrid are 40 concentrated % of Argentine parrots living in Spain.

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