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Almeida hires the PP head DJ to play at six municipal parties

The closing of district parties preferred by the councilors of the PP is that of DJ Pulpo. By far, he is the DJ who has been on the municipal stage the most since Almeida was mayor of Madrid, up to six times. Everyone in the Popular Party knows its sessions well because they have enjoyed them at the post-election parties in Genoa and at the end of the campaign, where this radio announcer, presenter of the Cope, is usually present. The last time was at Díaz Ayuso’s electoral party, to celebrate his victory on May 4.

During this bridge on October 12, the disc jockey has two bowling municipal. On Friday night he performed in the La Vaguada park, within the Barrio del Pilar parties. On Monday he will change the scene to go to Eva Duarte Park, as one of the outstanding performances of the Salamanca district festivities. And last July he put music at the Carmen parties, in Chamberí. These weeks are the first employer celebrations organized by the Madrid City Council after the pandemic stopped this type of celebration.

Before the coronavirus arrived, DJ Pulpo was already starting to stand out as the head of the Almeida councilors. First he was hired by Cayetana Hernández de la Riva in Arganzuela, for the 2019 Melonera festivities. And a few weeks later he was called by two councilors with whom he now repeats: José Fernández in the Salamanca district and Javier Ramírez, who manages Chamberí and Fuencarral – El Pardo, where the Barrio del Pilar is located. In total, six municipal bowling.

Carlos Moreno or El Pulpo, as his listeners know him since he popularized his nickname during the nineties in the program The jungle, with José Antonio Abellán, in the last ten years he has made a name for himself within the PP: he has put the soundtrack to many of his campaigns and electoral parties, starting with that of 2011, celebrating the absolute majority of Rajoy. Before, he had started his municipal bowling at the Valdemoro de Granados parties and after years of relationship with the party, he collects photos with prominent popular leaders, such as Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría clicking his plates in 2016, and Pablo Casado that same night. or that of Isabel Díaz Ayuso at the end of her 2019 campaign. Even Almeida has pictures plugged in at the table of the now municipal head DJ.

On an interview in 20 minutes ten years ago, DJ Pulpo commented that he had performed for free at the Genoa party after the absolute majority of Rajoy. He also admitted that it “happened” that he had clicked “lots of times” in municipalities governed by the PP. Now he does it in Madrid, but they also know his performances in other towns in the region with a popular mayor, such as Pozuelo de Alarcón.

In the case of district festivals in Madrid, it is the Boards that give their approval to each musical performance. In the specifications of the concession to opt for the Salamanca ones this year, it was specified: “The proposed group or soloist must be of recognized trajectory and cache according to what is stipulated, and must have the approval of the District.” In practice, according to sources familiar with the process consulted by Somos Madrid, it is the councilor or the Board who proposes names and, based on their cache, the musical proposals are selected. In other cases, it is the concession company that offers a series of actions for the municipal government to choose from among them.

The cache that DJ Pulpo has collected for his six municipal bowling is unknown. Only the total amount of the concession to the company awarded each party contract is public, although in some specifications the cache of the hired artists is encrypted, depending on their level. In the case of celebrations in the Salamanca district, the amount allocated to the stellar performance of the event was 24,000 euros, according to the terms of the concession to which this newspaper has had access.

Announcer at the Cope – presents a program at dawn, Laying the streets-, who acts as the opening act for Carlos Herrera – DJ Pulpo starred three years ago in a controversy related to his conservative positions, when in a performance in Pozuelo he played the Spanish anthem while asked the audience to greet with “the right hand up”, a moment that was disseminated on social networks by the now regional deputy Pablo Perpinyá. “That gesture does not represent democratic Spain,” he complained then.

It is also unknown what his repertoire will be in his next performances, but if he attends to his classics in popular celebrations, he will not miss the Long live spain by Manolo Escobar, which also sounded in the Plaza de Colón in that February 2019 where the right staged their union with a historical photo of Pablo Casado with Santiago Abascal and Albert Rivera, the Columbus photo. Then, DJ Pulpo was in charge of putting the soundtrack of the event.

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