Thursday, September 29

Almeida is now seeking a “broad consensus” to appoint Tim Burton ambassador after the rejection of the opposition

The appointment of the American filmmaker Tim Burton as ambassador of Madrid, a proposal by the municipal head of Culture, Andrea Levy, and the mayor himself, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, is still on hold waiting for the City Council to retouch and republish the file that he initially prepared and that caused the total rejection not only of all the opposition groups, but also of the chroniclers of Madrid, who see no reason to distinguish Burton with such an award. The opinion on the proposal should have been debated last Tuesday, at the meeting held by the Culture Committee, to later put it to a vote in the plenary session on the 27th. But Levy did not include it on the agenda, aware that it would not He had enough support to pull it off. As sources from the City Council insisted to this newsroom, the reason for not showing up was that the file “was still being processed” and that is a task that takes “time”.

This Wednesday, the mayor promised that the appointment of Burton as ambassador of Madrid will come out with a “broad consensus” and in no case “behind the back” of the Villa’s chroniclers, who have already shown their rejection of this appointment, although their opinions do not they are binding. “It will not be an appointment behind our backs or against the criteria of the Villa’s chroniclers; We will seek agreement and a broad consensus with respect to the rest of the municipal groups”, Almeida told reporters from Azca. But both More Madrid and the PSOE and Vox have been against the appointment. The first two groups are not going to change their positions, so the only possibility of saving the vote is that those of Ortega Smith finally decide either to abstain or to vote “yes” on the proposal, which needs a majority simple, that is, more yeses than noes. In the event that the extreme right abstains, there would be a technical tie at 27 votes between the two blocks: on the one hand, PP and Cs, and on the other, Más Madrid, PSOE and the three councilors of Recupera Madrid who, although they are divided between them, they coincide in the same position on Burton. The casting vote of the mayor would then tip the balance. But Almeida does not want to reach that situation and seeks the formula to achieve that “broad consensus.” In the municipal government they want to see if they also convince the councilors of Recupera Madrid to change their minds.

During his visit to Azca, Almeida recalled that “the figure of ambassador is a new figure, designed for people with national or international experience who can have an impact on the city of Madrid and who have to have a relationship with the city of Madrid”. He has also highlighted that the fact that the director of ‘Eduardo Scissorhands’ has chosen Madrid for his new exhibition –which will take place between the 29th and 30th of this month– “already at least qualifies that Tim Burton is a person who values ​​this city”. This may be precisely one of the arguments that he will include in the file to justify his government’s decision to choose him as Madrid’s ambassador.

And it is that Burton has given 200 original sketches that accompany the visitor on a tour of a labyrinth in which the different periods of the filmmaker are shown through different rooms set with lights, music, technology, scenery and costumes from his films.

The filmmaker will participate at the end of next week in the opening of the exhibition, conceived as an immersive experience about his life and work, which the viewer will discover through doors that open and that will take him through different itineraries of a labyrinth located in the Ibercaja Delights Space of the capital.

Martínez-Almeida has invited the people of Madrid to visit this exhibition on the work of “a reference filmmaker”. “It is good that a filmmaker of his stature and international reference has chosen this city for the exhibition”, he stated.

The reactions to the councilor’s statements have not been long in coming. The socialist spokesperson in the Madrid City Council, Mar Espinar, has reproached the mayor for now asking for “consensus” from the opposition to save the “botched job” that her government team has done. “They hide the reports from the chroniclers and now the mayor asks the municipal groups for consensus to try to save the government team from such a botched job. The Municipal Socialist Group has already denounced it and withdrew from the Culture Commission”, she stated.

In Espinar’s opinion, “what’s happening is that now there’s a rush because Tim Burton will be in Madrid next week and they don’t want to make a fool of themselves. The feeling we have is that they are fully aware of the damage they are causing to the image of Madrid and they don’t know how to explain to the filmmaker the situation they themselves have created”, Espinar explained.

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