Sunday, August 1

Almeida looks for a gap in the Madrid City Council for a former PP senator charged in Punica

The Madrid City Council is looking for a gap for the former PP senator David Erguido, close to the PP leader, Pablo Casado. After resigning from his seat in the Upper House when he was imputed in the Punic plot and being discarded from the lists of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the early elections of May 4, the PP finalizes his appointment as director of the Municipal Housing Company and soil.

The position designed for the politician, with whom the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has a close relationship, is that of director of Studies, Communication and Strategies of the EMVS, as has learned from municipal sources and has advanced Populi voice. This is a position that was created in the current mandate and that is remunerated with 63,000 euros gross per year.

Erguido agreed to voluntarily testify as a defendant before Judge Manuel García-Castellón in January. The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office surrounded him for his time as a councilor for festivities in Algete and detailed in a report how Erguido participated in the plot to benefit an events company sponsored by Francisco Granados, Waiter Music.

The senator by autonomous designation, number 10 of the first electoral list of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, left his seat in the Upper House for this reason, but did not leave the act of deputy. He remained, amid criticism, at the salary of the Madrid Assembly until the regional president called the elections in advance after the failed motion of censure in Murcia. Then it was no longer included in the lists.

The former senator intensely devoted himself to Pablo Casado’s campaign for the leadership of the Popular Party and was already a collaborator of Esperanza Aguirre when the events indicated by the Prosecutor’s Office took place. The procedural situation of Erguido has generated doubts in the leadership of the Madrid City Council about the convenience of its incorporation due to the media repercussions, especially in the mayor.

In his statement, Erguido affirmed before the judge that he did what the technicians told him when he hired Waiter Music by negotiated procedure without advertising; a version denied by two officials of the Algete City Council in court. Both witnesses assured that it was Erguido who claimed this way of hiring in anticipation of launching a public tender.

The position that the former senator and former PP deputy will occupy was vacant since 4M after the incorporation of Orlando Chacón as a deputy in the Madrid Assembly. Chacón appeared as number 17 on José Luis Martínez-Almeida’s list for the mayor of Madrid in 2019 and was left out of the City Council (the PP achieved only 15 councilors). Not being elected mayor, the PP repositioned him in this position created for him.

Almeida’s team has wanted to measure the times well when integrating Erguido into the Consistory. The mayor and his collaborators sought to prevent the appointment from exploding before the ordinary plenary session scheduled for this Wednesday to avoid having to respond to the press and the opposition for the signing. Almeida’s intention is to appoint the former executive senator of the EMVS next Saturday, June 24, once the last Board of Directors of the municipal company has also passed. The entry of Erguido to the EMVS in principle should not go through this filter because it is the power of the CEO.

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