Monday, September 20

Almeida, on Ayuso’s candidacy to preside over the regional PP: “No man from Madrid would understand that we deal with internal issues”

The mayor of Madrid and also the national spokesman of the PP, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has not wanted to support this Wednesday the step forward of Isabel Díaz Ayuso to preside over the PP. Sources around the president of the Community of Madrid confirmed this Tuesday that Ayuso will fight the internal battle to gain control of the regional party. Asked about it, Almeida has limited himself to affirming that the training is in “very good hands” at the moment and that “no man from Madrid would understand that we dealt with internal issues of the PP”.

“I say what I have been saying for months: in my opinion, it is not necessary to speak because the decisions will be made when appropriate, when the congress is convened – which is scheduled for the end of the year -. No one from Madrid would understand that we dealt with internal issues of the PP and we do not worry about the problems of the Spanish when the price of electricity is skyrocketing, “said the mayor of Madrid this Wednesday in statements to the press during the presentation of the shuttle bus between Plaza Elíptica and Islazul.

The national spokesman of the PP has assured that he will pronounce himself when the congress is convened, for which there is “a considerable period”. On whether he will be presented to this “race”, he pointed out that “it is not that there is or not a race.” Almeida also wanted to value the current leadership of the Madrid PP under the presidency of Pío García Escudero and the general secretary of Ana Camíns who are, he said, “doing a great job”, and to whom he has attributed “the electoral results and the mobilization “of the electorate in the elections of May 4, something that the Madrid president attributes to her management.

The national leadership had raffled after the 4M elections to support her as a candidate and even launched the pools for the mayor of Madrid. But finally, the first endorsement of his future leadership came at the beginning of June, when the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, assured that he would bet on Ayuso if he had to vote in the regional congress in Madrid.

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