Thursday, October 28

Almeida, on Vox: “We are not going to waste a minute in confronting, we extend our hand to negotiate the Budgets”

The mayor of Madrid and national spokesman of the PP, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has regretted this Monday that the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, dedicated “half of his speech” this Sunday, in a party act, to attack Pedro Sánchez and his Government, and the other half to Pablo Casado and the PP. “When we have Sánchez as president, it is not understood that he dedicates the same time to both (…) We are not going to waste a minute in confronting them.” “We do not look at Vox because he is not our adversary,” Almeida said in an interview in Onda Madrid in which he stressed that, on the contrary, in the closing speech of the PP National Convention, in Valencia, Casado did not refer to the formation of the extreme right, neither for better nor for worse. “Our adversary is Sánchez and our recipients are the Spanish,” he has settled.

The Madrid mayor has also ironized about “a certain obsession” that he perceives in Vox with him lately. “I know they call me Carmeida“, has revealed, to add later that” in terms of tweets it is necessary to recognize that they are good, another thing is when it is necessary to do politics “.

Almeida recalled the investiture pact that his party closed with Vox at the beginning of the legislature in the Madrid City Council to be able to govern in coalition with Ciudadanos, a party with which he is now going through a crisis, to which he has not referred during the interview. since he has not been asked about his latest discrepancies with the deputy mayor, Begoña Villacís. And he has appealed to that agreement to invite the group led by Javier Ortega Smith to stop criticizing them and sit down to negotiate the Budgets. “I say that if they agree to lower taxes and to the projects that we are promoting for Madrid, we will sit down and talk to present our proposals to them.” “I have my hand outstretched, call me whatever they call me or call me what they call me,” he said. However, he has warned that if in the end the far-right formation does not support the municipal accounts “it will be they who will have to explain to the people of Madrid why they are not doing it.”

On the other hand, he has also advanced that, despite the good disposition they have shown, “it will be difficult to get meeting points” with the four splinter councilors of Más Madrid who are now in the Mixed Group, despite the fact that thanks to them was able to pass its recent mobility ordinance.

The mayor has also dedicated himself to criticizing the Prime Minister for his economic forecasts and has taken the opportunity to agree with the leader of his party, who in an interview with the newspaper El Mundo has ruled that “we are doomed to rescue because of this government” and Spain is heading “to bankruptcy.”

In his opinion, Casado’s forecasts are true because Sánchez is following the same past as his predecessor, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who did not see the 2008 crisis coming and dedicated himself to “giving baby checks” for 2,500 euros and starting Plan E which in his opinion was a failure. “We are going back to a very complicated scenario from the budgetary point of view,” he declared. “” When one has to pull out a 400-euro cultural check and another 250-euro housing voucher, it is because politically he sees a situation frankly bad and at the same time he knows that the only way to get ahead is by giving those blows of effect. “” Pedro Sánchez is making the same mistakes that Zapatero made when he had to face the crisis of 2008: euphoria and lack of attachment to reality of the numbers “,” with demagogic measures that generate public spending that do not generate confidence in investors. “Almeida has given an example of his economic management in Madrid because he believes that it is” a good model “and has concluded by assuring that Casado” will know redirect the economic situation “as the Government of Rajoy did in 2011.

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