Friday, January 28

Almeida passes Vox through an ‘Ortega Smith-Spanish’ translator

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has passed a few words from the spokesman of the municipal group of Vox by a ‘translator’ Ortega Smith-Spanish. “I am not going to sit in an office behind closed doors to the political deal as Almeida has done with the communists” has become “I am not going to do the same thing that Rocío Monasterio has done in the Community because the Madrilenians give me exactly the same” .

The councilor has ironized in this way on Twitter about the leader of the extreme right of Madrid, with whom he has starred in a tough confrontation over the negotiations of the City Council’s accounts after having reached an agreement in the previous two years. Ayuso has managed to agree with Vox the budgets in the Community of Madrid with an agreement of thirteen points, including an audit on the “costs and subsidies” to centers for unaccompanied foreign minors.

The disagreement has reached such an extreme that Javier Ortega Smith does not pick up the mayor’s phone or answer the wasaps that the leaders of the Treasury area are sending him to negotiate. “That they go beautiful, with us that they do not count”, has gotten to say the Madrilenian leader of Vox in a municipal plenary session.

Three days after the announcement of the agreement in the Community, the far-right formation accelerated its proposal to repeal the LGTBI laws in Madrid. Its proposal for a comprehensive law of “equality and non-discrimination”, which includes the “repeal” of law 2/2016 “on gender identity and expression and social equality and non-discrimination” and of law 3/2016 “of comprehensive protection against LGTBIphobia and discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity “, will arrive at the plenary session on December 16 for its consideration. If the PP supported the admissibility of the regulation, the bill would continue its course in the Assembly.

More Madrid, PSOE and United We can have agreed this Tuesday in a meeting to three to face common against the repeal of LGTBI laws of the Community. The Government of the Community of Madrid maintains its silence on whether or not it will support Vox’s proposal.

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