Monday, August 8

Almeida takes advantage of Sánchez’s tweet about Afghanistan to make fun of his espadrilles

The mayor of Madrid and national spokesman for the PP, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, today joined his party’s criticism of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, for being “absent” in the face of the crisis in Afghanistan. However, Almeida has preferred to focus on the president’s clothing, who has posted a photo on Twitter this Wednesday in which he can be seen following the evacuation device of the Spaniards who are in Kabul.

In a message through the same social network, Almeida commented that “in espadrilles one decides better.” “In summer, we are not going to wear shoes that one stresses either,” he ironized.

This Wednesday, the PP has launched a campaign in networks to try to pressure Sánchez to end his vacation due to the open crisis in Afghanistan or the returns of the minors who arrived in Ceuta in May. Popular leaders have used the hashtag # DondeEstáSánchez to “show his face” at this time, while they have criticized that he is “absent” due to the rise in electricity, the fires or the vaccination campaign.

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