Monday, March 27

Almeida wants to stop being the national spokesperson for the PP

José Luis Martínez-Almeida wants to stop being the national spokesperson for the PP in order to concentrate on his work as mayor of Madrid, but he will seek to have his change in the organization chart of the party agreed upon, according to Efe sources from his environment.

Almeida says that he investigated the alleged espionage on Ayuso and found no evidence: “No order could be produced”

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Martínez-Almeida had intended to leave this position, which has forced him to have a dual role -institutional and party- for a long time, but his wishes have accelerated after the explosion of the internal war between Genoa and Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

The mayor of Madrid has been affected by the dispute between the two leaders after the information that pointed to an espionage attempt against Díaz Ayuso through a Madrid municipal company; Last Thursday he appeared before journalists to deny that any commission had been made to detectives from the Consistory.

That day he preferred not to answer questions as the PP’s national spokesman and since then he has kept silent regarding the open crisis in the party.

Reconciling the condition of city councilor and the role of spokesperson for a national leadership, in which he has never been comfortable and which has declared war on Ayuso, the leader most valued by the people of Madrid, has become for the politician of the PP an impossible task. More so, when the City Council itself appears as part of the dispute due to the contacts that some of its employees made with detective agencies to investigate the president of the community. Inform Carmen Moraga.