Tuesday, September 28

Almeida will present a new candidacy from Madrid for the JJ. OO. “if the favorable conditions were met”

The successive failures of Madrid’s candidacies to celebrate the Olympic Games do not seem to intimidate the City Council in a new attempt. The mayor of the city, José Luis Martínez Almeida, is willing to do so, as he has stated in an interview with El País, in which it affirms that it will present to the capital if the suitable conditions are given for it.

The Olympic corpses left by the Madrid candidacies

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“If it depends on me, it is a decision that I will make after the pandemic. If the favorable conditions arise, I would like to present the candidacy”, is his answer to the question about a hypothetical Madrid bet to organize its first JJ. OO. It is the first time that the mayor openly admits his interest in the city hosting an Olympic event in which he would not be present since in the same interview he announces that he will not serve more than two terms as head of Cibeles.

The first date that Madrid could attend, according to the IOC calendar, would be the year 2036. Before that, the Olympic Games in Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028 and Brisbane 2032 will be held, the latter chosen this summer, during the course of Tokyo 2020.

Almeida bets on the Games despite legacy that the attempts of 2012, 2016 and 2020 left for Madrid in the form of half-built sports facilities and a bill of hundreds of millions of euros. It also does so despite the fact that it is currently difficult to find an alternative to the Olympic stadium that does not go through building a new one, since the Metropolitano has become the property of Atlético Madrid, which reformed the space to eliminate the athletics track and earn a greater bleachers.

The lands adjacent to the Metropolitan are waiting for the Madrid City Council to give the green light to the urbanization plan that the New Centrality of the East has proposed, which involved the construction of thousands of houses on the plots that were to be destined for a hypothetical Olympic village, which will house the participating athletes. If this future materializes, Almeida should look for another space in Madrid in which to house the facilities that the IOC requires to qualify for the Games.


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