Friday, January 28

Almirall cherishes the business of fighting dermatitis

Spanish drugmaker Almirall confirmed Tuesday that its compound lebrikizumab significantly improved the severity of atopic dermatitis in combination with topical corticosteroids in a third phase III trial.

“The study has met all primary and secondary primary endpoints. … Lebrikizumab has shown a safety profile consistent with previous studies already conducted in atopic dermatitis,” the company said.

Next year Almirall will submit regulatory applications worldwide, together with its US partner Eli Lilly, based on data from the Phase III clinical trial program once they are completed.

Almirall has the rights to develop and commercialize lebrikizumab for the treatment of dermatological indications, including atopic dermatitis, in Europe.

Lilly has the exclusive rights to develop and commercialize lebrikizumab in the United States and the rest of the world with the exception of Europe.