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Almost a million euros to celebrate “hispanidad” without indigenous people

A few hours after the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, vindicated in the United States “hispanidad” attacking the “indigenismo that has taken over several Latin American countries”, Toni Cantó and Marta Rivera de la Cruz have presented in front of the media a cultural program that celebrates “a legacy of which we are so proud.” Newcomers to the PP from Ciudadanos also coincide in filling with praise and gratitude to the president of the Community of Madrid for wanting that on Hispanic Day “not only the Spanish Army parade, but also Hispanic culture and art,” he said. said he sang.

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The festival with almost a hundred activities in two weeks has been called Spanishness. All accents fit in Madrid. It has a budget of 850,000 euros and will run from this Tuesday until October 12, Hispanic Day. From the Ministry, two events out of almost a hundred stand out: the concert at the WiZink Center with Ana Mena, Omar Montes and Yotuel (from 20 to 35 euros a ticket) and a bullfight. They also rescue the stage director Juan Carlos Pérez de la Fuente, whom the Manuela Carmena corporation fired from the Spanish Theater and whose productions were the most expensive and the worst performing at the box office.

Despite talking about the culture that unites “the two shores” in the direction of the program, no American has participated. Marta Rivera de la Cruz says that Karina Saiz [periodista venezolana del ABC] and Jorge F. Hernández [exresponsable cultural de la embajada de México] they have “helped them organize the gatherings of the Círculo de Bellas Artes”. So what is “hispanidad”? “We are talking about a common homeland of Spanish. Not only those who live here, but those who speak, understand, study and think in Spanish. It goes beyond the geographical concept,” says Rivera de la Cruz.

No trace of indigenous

The indigenous culture repudiated by the president of the Community of Madrid is not present among the hundred activities, why? “It is a festival of Spanish and culture in Spanish”, resolves the Minister of Culture of the Community of Madrid, who has preferred to avoid giving an explanation for the absence of this part of the American population. The exhibition of the Peruvian artist Sandra Gamarra, hosted by the Ministry of Culture in Alcalá 31, and which has been censored for citing “racism” and “restitution”, will not be part of this peculiar Hispanic festival. The counselor has tried to be convincing when explaining that the exhibition was already raised almost two years ago and that it had already been inaugurated. All the exhibitions in art galleries included in the program, too.

Marta Rivera de la Cruz has assured that this festival “like the Office of Spanish” began to discuss it with the president in November 2020, when she was still holding the flagpole of the orange party. “It was she who told me that it seemed a shame that Hispanics did not celebrate the culture of Spanish in a very visible way,” explains the Minister of Culture. “When Toni arrived there was already a very clear roadmap,” says Rivera de la Cruz. So, if the programming has been carried out by the technicians of the Ministry, what has Toni Cantó’s work consisted of?

“Well, the programming has been carried out by the technicians and I have carried it out.” I have made some proposals that I wanted and Gonzalo, Ruperto and I have put them together, ”Toni Cantó replied.

“Hey and me too, huh,” interrupts Marta Rivera de la Cruz.

“And you too, Marta, you too,” he agrees. He sang to his boss.

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