Wednesday, November 30

Almudena Grandes and the power of words out loud

The power of the word has the flavor of family, memory, emotions. And this Thursday, its flavor was heard. To family, because Elisa, the daughter of Almudena Grandes, remembered her mother with a text that she wrote about her grandmother. To memory, when the cantaora Rocío Márquez gave a flamenco tone to an interview they did with the writer through “It’s a mistake to believe that memory has to do with the past…”. To emotions, with the reading of the mathematician Clara Grima of a fragment of Rough Winds, or the voice of Pilar Alcalá, philologist and poet. The power of the word is born when it is used. And Almudena Grandes used it a lot and well. This year, the Book Fair wanted to honor it out loud.

Rafael Jurado, director of the Seville Book Fair: “It takes a lot of work to get the support of entities”

Know more

Everything has happened within the framework of the delivery of the 1st Almudena Grandes Novel Prize, which has opened this Thursday night the 2022 edition of the Seville Book Fair, in which Marta Barrio has received the award for her work small firewood, with eyes full of emotion for the act, for the word.

Before, the president of the Seville Book Fair Association, Rafael Rodríguez, highlighted, precisely, the figure of Grandes and its connection with this Sevillian fair, “in which so many times many people queued” in the appointments that he starred in. Now it gives its name to an award “that we hope will live forever, as great writers are forever”, explained the secretary of the jury, Mercedes de Pablos.

A larger Book Fair

The fair has kicked off a cultural event in which bookshops, publishers, writers and the public share the city’s largest literary celebration, which this year runs until November 6, and which, as highlighted by the mayor of Seville, Antonio Muñoz, is the edition of the beginning of a new model of Book Fair that is broader, “more ambitious and with a greater projection”. This change includes the celebration of the first literary festival in Seville dedicated to literature in the Spanish language, “which will allow us to connect especially with Latin American literature.”

The event expands its space, occupying the Plaza Nueva and Plaza de San Francisco during the eleven days of celebration with a hundred scheduled activities and 500 author signatures.

In Spanish narrative, the presentations of the latest books by Aixa de la Cruz, María Reig, Felipe Benítez Reyes, Lorenzo Silva or Carmen Mola, together with Rodrigo Cortés, Óscar Mijallo, Guillermo Sánchez, Carmen Moreno, Isabel Cortés or Pilar Ten will stand out. .

A more social fair

But the fair is no stranger to social initiatives, and will host various events promoted by different associations, such as the Hombre Project or the Open Seville Initiative. With the José Manuel Lara Foundation, an activity will be carried out to promote reading starring Blue Jeans and Betis players. Likewise, and in collaboration with said foundation and the Cajasol Foundation, exhibitions of the documentary will be held Elio about Elio Antonio de Nebrija, a feature film directed by Sevillian philologist and rapper Sergio López ‘Haze’.

In addition, it will remember José María Izquierdo, Pier Paolo Pasolini and José Saramago on their respective centenaries (of their death in the case of the former and of their birth in the case of the latter).

There will be literary routes that will depart from the Fair grounds, such as Callejeos por Sevilla. The neighborhood of Santa Cruz, and numerous colloquiums and presentations in which Paloma Ulacia Altolaguirre, Laura Hojman, Mauro Armiño, Alfonso Guerra, Francisco Robles, Kiko Veneno, Carmen Camacho, Elisa Victoria, Eva Díaz Pérez, Jesús Carrasco will take part as speakers or presenters or Fernando Iwasaki.

site for children

The ‘Espacio Érase’ is also incorporated, the nursery of words read and told for children, youth and the family, attended by reading mediation professionals. To this is added the reorganization of the booths of the exhibitors in Plaza Nueva to avoid interior streets, facilitating the transit of the public and promoting the visibility of all the exhibitors; the inclusion of a central table for signatures so as not to cause queues inside the Plaza and the La Red space, attended by librarians from the RMBS (Municipal Library Network of Seville) for the dissemination of this important public service and with cultural programming own.

This is how the other Fair of Seville, the book fair, has awakened. An open door to reading, to stories, to emotions, to fantasy. To all those things that help us think that, like the title of the posthumous novel by Almudena Grandes, Everything is going to get better.