Thursday, January 27

Alphabet and its new company, Isomorphic Labs, want to usher in a new era of drugs created with artificial intelligence

In December 2020 DeepMind took a giant leap when solving one of the great mysteries of molecular biology. That advance made artificial intelligence predict the structure of a protein with fantastic accuracy.

Now Alphabet wants to expand the reach of its DeepMind artificial intelligence division, and has created a new subsidiary called Isomorphic Labs. Its goal: create new drugs with AI as a fundamental tool.

Looking for a (much) cheaper way to create new drugs

Dennis Hassabis, Founder and CEO of DeepMind, It is also now of Isomorphic Labs, at least until the new subsidiary hires the necessary staff and is well on track.

Hassabis commented in the announcement of this new project that “we believe that the foundational use of state-of-the-art computational and artificial intelligence methods can help scientists take their work to a new level, and massively speed up the drug discovery process“.

There are other companies embarking on this same idea, which does not seem far-fetched considering the astronomical cost of developing new medicines.

A 2020 study revealed that doing costs on average $ 1.3 billionAnd the process of discovery itself, almost artisanal, is largely to blame.

Researchers physically synthesize each new compound and test it to see if it is safe for use in humans, but such treatments, increasingly focused on more complex diseases, do not pass the final tests too often.

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