Friday, September 30

Alphabet founds AI company to discover new drugs | Digital Trends Spanish

Alphabet, the company behind Google, announced the creation of a new company that will work with artificial intelligence (AI) to “reimagine the processes for discovering new drugs.”

The new company is called Isomorphic Labs and its origin is in what was achieved by the artificial intelligence system of its sister company DeepMind -also from Google-, with which it was possible to create the most complete map of human proteins.

Inspired by that achievement, Alphabet has founded Isomorphic Labs from the ground up around DeepMind’s AI advancements. The ultimate goal of the new company is, according to them, “to model and understand some of the fundamental mechanisms of life.”

Demis Hassabis, Founder and CEO of Isomorphic Labs, writes in the site of the new company that the pandemic has highlighted the visibility of scientists’ work in treating new diseases. And through artificial intelligence, the entire process can be carried out faster and in a better way “not only to analyze data, but to build predictive and generative models of very complex biological phenomena.”

Hassabis is also the founder of DeepMind and ensures that he will make both positions compatible during the initial phase of Isomorphic Labs, which will be focused first of all on assembling a multidisciplinary team of professionals in what they call “digital biology”.

Since its founding to date, DeepMind’s artificial intelligence systems have been used for a variety of purposes, ranging from neural networks that learn to play video games to supporting speech recognition tools used on Android phones.

With Isomorphic Labs, Alphabet wants to make DeepMind even more useful. And if all goes as planned, a cure for diseases that are deadly today may be found in the future.

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