Monday, July 4

also with 16

May 2022, on the threshold of my 40s and we’re still doing this shit. With what we shouted at Gallardón in 2015 (and that cost him his political career): “Remove your rosaries from our ovaries”. Of all our ovaries. Also of those of 16 and 17 years. And it is that your daughters are not yours, they are theirs, theirs, of life and of the world.

A howl is heard: “They want to collectivize our daughters!” But no, Antonio, I want your daughter (and mine too) to be able to make decisions about her body at a time (16, 17) when she can also decide about the rest of the issues that have to do with health her. The health age of majority is established in Spain at 16 years. It is the age to consent to health care for oneself. Until the law promoted by Montero, abortion was an exception. They were excluded from their own health age by the PP in 2015. This possibility was included in the 2010 law, approved by the PSOE government. It worked for five years and, as far as is known, no end-of-year excursions were organized in 4th year of ESO to go to have an abortion.

What the right to abortion is not guaranteed it does not prevent women from continuing to need and want an abortion. Forcing someone to carry an unwanted pregnancy or seek an unsafe abortion is a violation of their human rights.

Restrict the right to abortion it opens the door to clandestine abortions, and those who access safe interruptions will be those whose economic conditions allow it, generating once again that your social class determines your life.

Throughout my career I have met women who had abortions with bleach, metal hangers and even beating his belly in desperation. There are also known cases of girls who die in childbirth for which their body is not yet ready.

Neither the family, nor the State, nor society have an opinion about our bodies in reproductive matters. This still not clear in many sectors.

They do not understand that the only possible way is extension of this right: the recognition and guarantee of fundamental rights recognized in all international treaties (CEDAW; Istanbul…).

The text presented by Irene Montero’s team shields the right to abortion and returns the right to 16 and 17-year-old girls to abort without the consent of their mothers or fathers. Translated: if you accidentally get pregnant at 16 and 17 and want to interrupt the pregnancy, from now on your future will not depend on the moral or religious convictions of your parents or guardians, but on your own decision.

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in 2020, 302 children under 15 years of age were mothers; 567 with 16; 992 with 17 and 1694 with 18. When the draft was leaked, many voices cried out with speeches whose logics were as follows: “If you’re old enough to fuck, suck it up”. It is chilling that taking care of another person, taking responsibility for their well-being, growth and education is considered a punishment and not a considered decision.

Pregnancy is not a “punishment” and motherhood cannot be understood as a penalty for not having followed the rules correctly or because the barriers have not been effective. Hypocrisy cries out to heaven in a country where sex education is poor thanks, in good measure, to the action of ultra-Catholic and ultra-conservative groups. And, surprise: even with good sex education, prevention measures can fail.

According to the SEGO, Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, worldwide, three out of ten adolescents become pregnant at least once before the age of 20.

From a physical point of view, pregnant adolescents are more susceptible to complications for their health and that of the fetus. Immaturity of the pelvic structures and reproductive system contribute to this, and often lead to an increased number of caesarean sections, use of forceps, and operative deliveries. They are also predisposed to traumatic complications and tears. Not to mention the psychosocial, economic and educational issues. But none of this matters to those people who cry out for “life”. As if that of a 15-year-old girl who can die in childbirth doesn’t matter.

The unwanted pregnancies they are reduced when people have information about and have access to modern contraceptive methods. It is estimated that one in four pregnancies in the world ends in abortion, that is, 25%. women and girls they are going to abort whether it is legal or not.

The abortion rate is 37 per 1,000 people in countries that totally ban abortion or allow it only in case of risk to the life of the woman, and 34 per 1,000 people in those that allow it in general, a difference that is not is statistically significant. But these statistics hide many shadow areas. The secrecy makes them invisible and the stigma is enormous. For many of them there is even jail.

When governments restrict access to abortion, people are forced to resort to clandestine abortions and with risk, especially if they do not have the means to pay for a trip to another country or to another state or, as in our case, to another autonomous community because today not all communities have access to an interruption in public health due to conscientious objections and the high concert with private health. Hence the importance of this bill.

The text of Montero’s team tries to guarantee that abortions are carried out in centers of the public health system. Currently these are a minority. The majority model is the concert with accredited clinics, where 85 percent of the interruptions are carried out, because there are entire hospitals that claim conscientious objection not to carry them out. That is why another key is to regulate conscientious objection and that all centers have gynecology and obstetrics professionals who can perform the interventions.

Amnesty International denounces that the low-income women and girls, refugees and migrantsadolescents, lesbians, cisgender bisexual women, transgender or gender non-conforming people, and minority or indigenous women are disproportionately affected by legislation that is restrictive and does not guarantee the right to abortion.

But conservatism bellows oblivious to this. And while, on a daily basis, in the world the WHO calculates that every year there are 25 million unsafe abortions, the vast majority of them in developing countries. Unsafe abortions are the third most common cause of maternal death in the world, leading to five million preventable disabilities.

They build their privileges on our bodies and that is why we will listen to them and read them scream again. They will explain to us what it means to abort, what it means to bleed, how it hurts and what it means to give birth.

It will be that they know the suffocation that does not let you breathe when you think you have become pregnant at 16, at 17. “How do I say this at home?”. That immense terror when the condom breaks and no pharmacy sells it to you. morning after pill. That tremor when the condom stays inside. The atrocious fear of being seen entering family planning.

It is also a question of class: there are those who could afford a flight to London and abort without anyone knowing.

And, as happens to people who live floating in an amniotic fluid primed with privileges, they do not care that many women without resources are going to resort to hangers, bleach or punches in the gut to interrupt a pregnancy that they neither want nor, many times, they can afford it. They are against poor women doing it safely, in public and without stigma.