Thursday, October 28

Alvalle announces the withdrawal of three batches of its gazpachos due to the presence of ethylene oxide

FACUA-Consumidores en Acción has alerted today to a statement posted on the Alvalle website in which it warns of the withdrawal from the market by the company, belonging to the Pepsico group, of three batches of its gazpachos for having detected levels of oxide of ethylene above the values ​​established by the legislation, in two of the spices that are used as an ingredient.

29 varieties of Carrefour brand ice cream, recalled due to ethylene oxide contamination

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Specifically, the batches are affected:

  • L1236 and L1244 from Gazpacho Gourmet
  • L5243 of its Gazpacho with beetroot, with an expiration date of November 2021

Pepsico has clarified that ethylene oxide is located in affects the cayenne present at Gazpacho Gourmet and white pepper included in Gazpacho with Beet.

What is ethylene oxide?

According to ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry), ethylene oxide is a “sweet smelling flammable gas” that dissolves easily in most organic solvents. In general, and as this US government agency indicates, it is not common for people to “be exposed” to ethylene oxide.

Ethylene oxide is classified in the EU as “Possible Mutagen, Possible Carcinogen and Possible Reproductive Toxic”. Since the 90s, its use in the agricultural industry and phytosanitary products -pesticides- is prohibited. But even so, in countries outside the EU, such as Turkey, it is used to sterilize seeds and grains, leaving remains that sometimes pass into food when the grain is used in food processing.

What other brands have been affected?

These products are added to the capsules and bars of decathlon, whose withdrawal was announced in August, to the list of ice creams made public by Mars on its website in July, dozens of Nestlé varieties (manufactured by its subsidiary Froneri) that FACUA has released in recent weeks, those of IFA Group (also manufactured by Froneri) advertised in its supermarkets and the 29 varieties of Carrefour brand ice cream that the chain announced on its website.

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