Friday, December 9

Álvarez de Toledo against Feijóo: “They do not demonstrate with Vox but they govern thanks to Vox, it is called hypocrisy”

In the first minute of her brief presentation Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo dismantled the headline that many were looking for in her participation in a colloquium of the ancient Club Siglo XXI in Madrid starring Iván Espinosa de los Monteros. “I’m not going to go to Vox”, he said as soon as he started. But the still deputy of the PP does not disappoint and attacked her leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. She didn’t mention him, but she didn’t have to. Her distance from the Galician leader is starry-eyed, as she has repeatedly made clear. But this Wednesday she has taken another step.

Álvarez de Toledo winks at Vox in his last year in Congress with the PP act

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Ten days ago, thousands of people demonstrated in Barcelona to demand the end of bilingualism in schools and the use of Spanish as the vehicular language. Feijóo was not at the appointment, who was closing at that time the XV Interparliamentary of the PP in Toledo. The leader did not go, but he sent his number two, Cuca Gamarra, his top leader in Catalonia, Alejandro Fernández, and the spokeswoman in Brussels, Dolors Montserrat.

Insufficient for the parliamentary spokesperson, who has pointed out that the “discrepancies” she has with Vox do not “prevent her from coinciding with Iván” or with the ultra party. “Others yes. There are those who do not want to appear with Vox or demonstrate with Vox or vote with Vox, but instead they are happy to govern thanks to Vox. That is called hypocrisy and hypocrisy is an ugly political vice”.

Indeed, the PP governs in coalition, barely, with Vox in Castilla y León. Also with your support in Madrid, community and city, or in Andalusia, until the elections last June.

The missile was announced a few weeks ago when Álvarez de Toledo described as “Galician” Feijóo’s idea of ​​a “Catalan constitutionalism” and a “cordial bilingualism” like the one that, according to the PP leader, he has launched in Galicia. The puya to Feijóo was underpinned by Espinosa de los Monteros himself: “The place where Spanish is most persecuted is in Galicia, where you cannot study in Spanish in any school.”

Two journalists present at the table in the lounge on the ground floor of the Eurobuilding hotel in Madrid came to Feijóo’s rescue: Lucía Méndez (The world) and Bieto Rubido (The debate), who directly denied Espinosa’s statement.

Agreement with the PNV, secret meetings with Vox

But in case the barrage about demonstrating with Vox was already far away, Álvarez de Toledo has turned to the most immediate news to leave no doubt about it. After praising “cordiality” as a value in politics, the deputy for Barcelona has lamented Feijóo’s approaches to the PNV.

“Ten days ago, leaders of the PP, Ciudadanos and Vox marched together”, he recalled, again about the Barcelona demonstration. “What is more cordial than demanding the defense of civil rights and defending the language that allows us all to communicate?”, he raised, regretting that the PP seeks “concord only with those who want to break Spain.” With “the PNV, ERC, Pujolismo and even with Bildu”, he added. To conclude: “But prohibited with Vox. If only in secret, incognito.”

This morning it became known that Feijóo and the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, met secretly for the first time since the Galician was appointed leader of the PP, in April of this year.

Espinosa de los Monteros has not wasted this assistance either. “We are incompatible with the PNV, even statutorily. We will never reach an agreement with anyone who advocates the breakup of Spain”, the Vox spokesman raised, to attack the PP for having “so little memory” with “those who made the motion of censure” that in 2018 expelled Mariano Rajoy of the Moncloa. A whole declaration of intentions before a hypothetical negotiation of a Government with the PP in 2024.