Wednesday, December 8

Álvarez de Toledo voted blank for the renewal of the Constitutional

The deputy of the PP and exportavoice of the party in Congress Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo has affirmed that she voted blank in the election for the new magistrates of the Constitutional Court because the “distribution of stickers” seems to her a “bleak spectacle” and “counterproductive for the PP “because it is self-contested.

In an interview in ‘El Mundo’, to promote his latest book, ‘Politically undesirable’, Álvarez de Toledo has defended that “one cannot demand that there be a depoliticization of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) and yet participate in an impudent, active and public politicization of the Court Constitutional”. The PP, which has blocked the renewal of the members of the CGPJ with the expired mandate, agreed with the PSOE to send Enrique Arnaldo, with multiple ties to the party, and Concepción Espejel, akin to the ‘popular’, to the Constitutional Court.

Finally, Congress approved this Thursday the appointment of Espejel and Arnaldo – as well as that of the magistrates proposed by the socialist party – with the majority vote of the PSOE and United We Can, as well as the PP and Forum. In fact, the president of the United We Can parliamentary group, Jaume Asens, acknowledged that he would vote in favor “with a clamp on his nose.” Equally critical was the socialist deputy Odón Elorza, who voted against the discipline of his party and criticized Arnaldo’s suitability. In total, there were eleven fewer votes than expected in a vote that was secret.

The PP exporter supported in the same interview the claims of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to seize the power of the party in the region. “Ayuso has to be the president of the PP of Madrid, if she is president of the Community. Endeavoring to attack Ayuso is a direct boomerang against Genoa. In addition, it reveals the insecurities that Genoa may have regarding her or regarding what she supposes “, has manifested.

Whoever was Pablo Casado’s trusted person, has assured that at present “undesirable” policies and maneuvers are being repeated with Díaz Ayuso, who also lived and has cited some “labels” or “expressions” that are reproduced in the case of the President of the Community. “This is free, it is a common verse, it does not abide by authority.” “They are unfortunate labels that are applied to the normal exercise of personality within a political party. It is submission through testosterone action, and sterile in the end, that causes internal devastation”, so he does not believe that this way of governing the PP is good for the party.

The ‘popular’ deputy has designated as the executor of these maneuvers the secretary general of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, whose way of understanding politics is through the “crudest and most brutal order and command,” he lamented. In addition, he has accused the number two of Casado of imposing a “Soviet” surveillance and of practicing “bullying” and “indecent harassment through his affiliates and the media” with the intention of exercising total control of the parliamentary group, of their finances, appointments and positions.

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