Tuesday, November 29

Álvaro Pérez ‘El Bigotes’ accuses González Pons of fixing contracts for Gürtel in Valencia

Álvaro Pérez ‘El Bigotes’, belonging to the Gürtel plot led by Francisco Correa in Valencia, has accused the popular MEP Esteban González Pons of rigging contracts of the Ministry of the Presidency, then in his charge, according to informs Cadena Ser. ‘El Bigotes’ has presented a letter of confession of facts in the face of the trial of the contracts that Francisco Camps made during his time at the head of the Valencian Generalitat to the corrupt plot.

According to Pérez’s letter, González Pons rigged a contract from the Ministry of the Presidency for more than 62,000 euros in 2004 so that the corrupt plot would be in charge of the distribution of the Communication Guide of the Generalitat Valenciana in digital format. Pérez assures that such adjudication took place “the friendship that Ignacio Blanch [gerente de Orange Market] I had with González Pons”.

González Pons had already been mentioned previously during the investigations of the Gürtel plot. The director of Channel 9 Pedro Gimeno accused him during the trial for the Pope’s visit to Valencia of being responsible for giving the order to hire the plot. The investigation was closed when Anticorruption ruled that the facts had prescribed. In 2019, Pérez also reiterated by letter to the judge in the case that González Pons was “aware of the day to day” of all the efforts of Formula 1.

Pérez now affirms in his confession that the initials “egp” that appear next to one of the payments made on the Orange Market accounting treasury sheet correspond to the Popular Party politician, an MEP since 2014. According to his brief, the then Valencian President Francisco Camps imposed that Orange be contracted to distribute the Communication Guide in exchange for contracts. Both would have acquired, according to Pérez, the commitment that “they would hire Ignacio Blanch in Orange Market” and, in exchange, the president of the Generalitat would “give/award them contracts”.


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