Tuesday, October 26

Alvise Pérez admits that he spread Illa’s false positive PCR without verifying its veracity

Luís Pérez, known as Alvise Pérez on Twitter, has admitted to the judge that he spread a false positive PCR from the former Minister of Health and candidate of the PSC to the Generalitat, Salvador Illa, during the last Catalan election campaign, although he has alleged that he did not he was the first netizen to do so.

The Internet user has testified for half an hour this Thursday before the head of the 33rd investigating court in Barcelona, ​​which is investigating him for insults and documentary falsity. Pérez has not personally gone to the City of Justice in Barcelona, ​​but has appeared by videoconference from the Plaza de Castilla courts in Madrid.

According to legal sources, Pérez has admitted that he did not verify the veracity of the false document before spreading it, and added that he was not the first Twitter user to post it, knowing that its authenticity was not confirmed. In this way, Pérez has avoided the main accusation of the Prosecutor’s Office, which believes that the false PCR image was “entirely” made by the Internet user.

The hospital itself denied Pérez’s hoax and clarified that the published PCR result was false and that it had not issued any diagnosis with the number that appeared in the test falsely attributed to Illa. In the opinion of the Prosecutor’s Office and Illa himself, who exercises the private prosecution together with the PSC, the publication of the PCR sought to harm the socialist candidate in the face of the elections, since it was done before a maximum audience electoral debate.

Alvise Pérez has more than 260,000 followers on Twitter, where he identifies himself as an analyst, and has already starred in controversies related to hoaxes that were later denied. He has become one of the main agitators of the extreme right on social networks and was previously the chief of staff of the Valencian coordinator of Citizens, Toni Cantó.

He also released a false photo montage in which a large poster appeared with the face of Pedro Sánchez and the slogan “A good citizen obeys”, hung on the facade of the federal headquarters of the PSOE. The Prosecutor’s Office has denounced Pérez for slander against the mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente.

Through the networks, Pérez imitates the methods of the American ‘alt right’, the right that denies moderate conservatism and attacks both progressive personalities and populations at risk of exclusion. Shake up conspiracy theories, release dubious data, or outright offer false data and information.