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Amazfit GTR 3: the smartwatch that asks nothing of the greats | Digital Trends Spanish

October 2021 marked the official arrival of a new competitor in the market for wearables in Mexico: Amazfit. This was not a conventional arrival, as the company brought with it three recent smartwatches that stand out for their design, autonomy and performance: Amazfit GTS 3, GTR 3 and GTR 3 Pro. We have tested the second for a few weeks and here we tell you what its strengths are and one or another in which it could improve.

As a context, the also manufacturer of TWS headphones and bracelets fitness ranked third in shipments of smart watches globally in the penultimate quarter of 2021, according to the most recent report Global Smartwatch Model Tracker, published by Counterpoint Research.

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Amazfit GTR 3: love it from the start


This new member of Amazfit has several elements that make it look elegant and state-of-the-art. The body of the team takes inspiration from classic watches, with a rounded finish, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, curved display, navigation crown and button for quick access to exercises. Regarding their silicone straps, they stand out for being antibacterial.

It is worth stopping at the display AMOLED with HD resolution (454 x 454 pixels). It has a size of 1.39 inches and 326 dots per inch. In the tests carried out, even outdoors, the screen is visible without having to increase its brightness to the maximum (which can be up to 1,000 nits).

Regarding the navigation through the different sections, the panel responds optimally, in addition to the information displayed is complete enough for people to choose the option that best suits them at a certain time.

The crown-shaped button, when turned, allows scrolling through the health and exercise alternatives; in fact, vibrate through the categories for a better feel. The other button, the lower one, is only a quick access to physical activities that allows you to record the gadgetsuch as outdoor running, walking, treadmill, cycling, pool swimming, mountaineering, elliptical, rowing machine, yoga, free training, skiing, jump rope, and e-sports.

Already on, the Amazfit GTR 3 feels comfortable on the wrist, with the straps long enough to adjust it to everyone’s preferences. Thus, it is a watch that does not make it difficult to take it to bed – the cell phone can stay out of the room – with the intention that it records sleep and vibrates when it is time to get up.

Performance and autonomy

Amazfit GTR 3

The Amazfit GTR 3 is interesting also in performance: it can provide up to 21 days of autonomy in standard use. Even with a low battery percentage (less than 10 percent), it is possible to use it for a couple more days without any problem. To recharge to 100 percent, the equipment requires about 70 minutes.

The “engine” inside the smartwatch It is Zepp OS, a home operating system that gives a quick response. Those who have already used a smart watch or bracelet, may find an intuitive device, easy to navigate between the different screens; and those who enter the segment of wearables For the first time, they will find that it will take a short time for them to become familiar with the possibilities it offers.

In the tests carried out there were a couple of times when the device crashed or even restarted, but nothing to regret or that has a really negative impact on the user experience.

Like others gadgets In its class, the GTR 3 is supported by a mobile application, Zepp, which allows you to visualize the collected data in a more complete way, such as the sleep log, heart rate, blood oxygen, training history, steps and calories. From the home page of mobile development, in the My tools section, it is also possible to establish a new cover for the smartwatch, from some classic to other animated.

At first, the app It looks saturated, yet it is nothing more than a reflection of all the information that the watch can collect thanks to its BioTracker PPG 3.0, which is made up of six photodiodes and is capable of monitoring multiple health metrics at the same time.

Proof of this is One-touch Measurement, a function located within the device’s wellness menu. When run, it begins to simultaneously measure heart rate, blood oxygen level, stress, and respiratory rate, which takes about 45 seconds.

Amazfit GTR 3

What can be seen with the Amazfit GTR 3 is that it is a smartwatch that successfully combines an attractive design with a powerful monitor, which will suit more than one person.

Training mode

When it comes time to exercise, the GTR 3 isn’t limited in options either. In the activities it is possible to establish specific records by means of the Training Assistant tool.

For example, when running outdoors, you can set alerts for heart rate, distance, fastest pace, maximum cadence, time, calories, and so on; in cycling there is the goal of distance, duration or calories, and in esports there is the alternative of setting a goal of duration, calories or quantity.

In the More workouts segment, these are classified into categories such as running sports (six workouts), cycling (four), swimming (four), outdoor training (11), indoor training (24), dance (16), Boxing (12), ball sports (30), water sports (10) and ice and snow sports (13).

For the rest, the Amazfit GTR 3 offers other tools that are not related so much to physical activity. We talk about functions such as the weather report, music control on the linked cell phone, compass, barometer, breathing exercises and registration of menstrual cycles.

In this sense, the smart watch could adapt both to the needs of those who train intensively and to the requirements of people looking for smart equipment to wear in their day-to-day lives.


Amazfit GTR 3

The Amazfit GTR 3 strikes a good balance between design, features, and price. In Mexico it can be purchased for about 4,000 pesos (about $ 180 dollars), in black and gray.

Although we said that it is a watch that responds optimally, sometimes it can get stuck on one of the screens or interrupt the link with the smartphone. Again, nothing that significantly affects the user experience.

What can be concluded is that Amazfit arrives in Mexico with a serious proposal in wearables, one that seeks to attract those who are not yet linked to any brand, either because they consider it too basic or too expensive for their needs. And the GTR 3 may exceed your expectations.

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