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Amazon Banned Chinese Reviews of Xi Jinping’s Book | Digital Trends Spanish

A curious – although perhaps not unexpected – situation has occurred with Amazon in China and has to do with the reviews left by users on the website, which were suspended on the page of a book with the speeches of President Xi Jinping later someone leaving a bad rating.

Now, you need to put in context what a bad grade is. For most people, a negative evaluation on Amazon’s system would be two stars down. However, and as reported Reuters, the problem was caused by a comment on the book that did not rate it a maximum of five stars.

What might appear to be no more than compliance with a government order is actually somewhat more complex. According to the sources of the report, what Amazon has tried to do is side with the authorities and not question any of its regulations that could put the company in trouble, with all that that means in a market as large as the Chinese.


Among other details, there is talk of an internal document of the company that indicates that ideological control and propaganda are “the fundamental nucleus of the success of the Communist Party in China.”

But this form of Amazon collaboration with the Chinese government does not mean that the company has not had problems. In July 2021, Amazon was denounced by China for violating the privacy of its users and accessing sensitive information. And in September of the same year, more than 600 brands were expelled from the platform for manipulating the review system.

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